Hot New Music People Must Hear!

Hey, I thought I’d start a thread where people can post on bands or artists they think more people need to know about. I encourage everyone to post.

I personally think everyone should check out the band From Zero. Their website is at (link removed - Coldfire) and they are going to have a new design soon! They are a heavy crossover band from Chicago, and have the same management as heavy act Disturbed. They have their major label debut One Nation Under released through Arista in May and I can only imagine what great things will come for this talented band. Please give me your opinions after you visit the site :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the board,

I cant say that I’ve heard of From Zero (yet), a couple of bands that I heard recently:

At The Drive-In, from El Paso Texas, are reputedly the ‘saviours of rock and roll’. Their track ‘One Armed Scissors’ rocks.

Turin Breaks are a new English duo, fairly mellow, but very tasty.

I dont know if these bands have a web presence…

Didn’t UncleBeer close a thread about this same band with this same link as being spam? It was over in MPSIMS I beleve! Different one-post newbe tho.

Fucking spam band.

yep, I thought so…

there it is.