Hot Sauce recommendations

Inspired by this Chili thread, I love me some Ass Kicking Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce. It is the perfect combination of Habanero hot sauce with a nice garlic flavor.

I know there are a whole lot of “hot, hotter, hottest” sauces out there, but I am curious about variations on the “hot” that have a specific flavor or “niche.”

Whatcha got?

I loves me the Toad Sweat line of fruity dessert hot sauces. Wonderful on iced cream! Fantastic on Cheesecake!!

I likes me some “Scorned Woman”. Nice heat with actual flavor, whereas some other megahot sauces I’ve tried, like Dave’s (Total) Insanity, is basically just pain in a bottle.

Well, let me be the first so we can get it out of the way.

Hot Sauce = Tabasco

The question is more accurately posed: “What kind of Tabasco sauce do you like?” or “Tabasco Sauce Recommendations.”

Just like every cola is a Coke.

Now, the search for a decent substitute for Tabasco can proceed without interruptions.

My go to is Cholula. I put that on damn near everything.

My new one is Canceaux sauce. Kind of sweet, has a really nice kick to it. Tastes a little like a Thai hot sauce.

I’ve tried 100s of different hot sauces,always have bottles around of some sort ,but am never without El Yucateco Habenero Red,and (believe it or not) Ortega Taco Sauce,Hot.

I like Tabasco for cajun type stuff, Cholula for eggs, Frank’s Red Hot for hot wings, and Crystal for most anything else.

Oh, and pizza gets either Tabasco’s garlic or habanero sauce. The garlic tastes better (sooooo good) but doesn’t have much kick at all so I switch depending on which I’d rather have.

Sriracha (aka Cock Sauce) and Crystal are the only two hot sauces you’ll ever need.

Oh, look, it’s 4:00. I’m going to Moe’s.

Look at the label. If there’s anything in it besides red peppers, vinegar and salt, there are too many ingredients!

That’s all that’s in Tabasco and Crystal, and that’s why I like them the best.

Tapatio is really good for Mexican style foods.

Sriracha. Awesome, flavorful chili/garlic sauce.

Valentina. Basically Mexican barbecue sauce. Not that much heat, but a lovely flavor.

I have hundreds in the collection, but the ones that get used 99% of the time are Crystal, Frank’s Red Hot and Sriracha. Tabasco for eggs. Tiger Sauce for depth. Blair’s Mega-Death for punishment.

I got one at a hot sauce festival (not a tobasco festival, by the way) that has a little mango juice in it. It was… interesting.

Yeah, if you’re looking for heat AND you want to be able to tasted the rest of your dinner, I recommend Valentina’s. Hot sauce is a condiment, not a test of ones masculinity.

The Mexican folk who are the primary customers of this area’s Chinese buffets recommend it, too.

Its not really hot, but I have trouble finding it.

Tobasco’s garlic hot sauce. Most people think its just regular Tobasco with garlic in it, but it isnt. It has a distinctly different flavor in addition to the garlic. I am pretty sure they use different peppers in it.

In any case I luvs the stuff.

My wife and I go through a bottle of Tapatio every other week. We put it on everything. I used to love Tabasco, but now we have a bottle of that that has been rotting in our fridge for years.

Good stuf. The green Tabasco is good also for milder dishes.