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For my hotmail account I have the settings set for junk mail to be deleted immediately, but they never are. This in turn makes my account go over the in only a day or two. What can I do?

      • My mother complained about this too. Upon further discussion I found that she was posting her unaltered e-mail address everywhere, across numerous web forums and newsgroups. You gotta put junk in your e-mail address like so:
        don’t use- completely made-up e-mail address)
        try- ((-remove the d’s and k’s))

        [-you write it so that a human looking at it who wants to contact you can figure out how to get the right e-mail address, but a automatic program can’t, and any person looking for spam addresses has to bother with editing it, and is likely to skip it.]
  • Hotmail used to be pretty tight about stopping spam, but is now selling extra server space, and doesn’t seem to be deleting much of any spam. Funny coincidence, no?

my question is more of why is my junkmail not being deleated immediatly like i have it set.

Spam filtering software is limited in its intelligence. The best spam filtering software will not catch more than about 95% of spam.

Try using the “block” method. It takes awhile to set it up, but I went from over 75 spam adds to only 3 per day. When you use the block function, choose the option to block the “@…”. Don’t just delete the senders address, deletd the source. Good Luck!

Problem with blocking is, Hotmail only allows you to block, I think, 250 addresses.

My goodness people, read the OP! Everybody is spouting answers which are not answers to what the guy asked!

If I understand it correctly the guy has the hotmail preference set so that any mail that goes to the junk folder is deleted immediately but that is not happening, the mail goes to the folder and sits there. Am I understanding it right?

sailor, you’re right…

my guess is that maybe all your junk mail blocked by hotmail’s junk mail blocker is being deleted immediately, but some junk mail that is directed there through your custom filters are not deleted immediately. they are two different sets of junk mail. the second set is not acted upon by the “delete immediately” rule.

to confirm this, after logging in to hotmail, go to options, then custom filters… just check to see if any filters are set so as to send any mail to the junk mail folder… if they are, just change the setting to “send to trash”.

also, what is the junk mail deletion level set at ? is it low, high, or exclusive ?

Yeah, you have to set it to delete mail that you delete. Otherwise it might just be sent to another folder. Also be sure you check to have them delete the email on the server after you get it, otherwise it stays there. I don’t have hotmail but thats what my other providers do.

If you dont want any spam at all or viruses, you might get a free email acct at I have & its wonderful & spam free.

It doesn’t stay there forever. After 7 days, Hotmail deletes any email.

Thanks sailor, xash, and handy. i went into my filters and changed all of the “send to” from junk mail to trash can. i hope this works.

I have my junk mail set to * Immediate deletion* and it works fine for me.

Since yesterday I have been having problems accessing Hotmail with Outlook Express though as it often rejects the password. Yesterday it was like 90% of the time and now it’s gone down to like 20% but still doing it. No problem with the browser though.

i tried this, but it didn’t work. anyone have any other ideas. i spent a good hour trying to find support through but couldn’t even find an email address to write to. i know that in the past that i have had it set to deleate imeaditly, but that was over a year ago. i get so much spam that if i don’t check it every day, my account go’s over (and this is with 250 address being blocked).

You can try and I can guarantee they will send you a canned reply which has little to do with your question but they will repeat your name several times and tell you they want to do their best to serve you.

It seems hotmail has been making some changes and the system was not working well for a while but, in my case, they are back to normal.

Also, You can have another reader get your mail. I use Outlook to get my email from several locations on the web & it does it automatically for me.

i strongly suspect that atleast one of your custom filters are set to move the filtered email to the Junk Mail folder. These mails are not then treated by the ‘immediately delete’ function, and instead reside in the Junk Mail folder.

I tested this on my hotmail account and, only those emails filtered through my custom filters, and set to forward to the Junk Mail folder, remain in the Junk Mail folder instead of being deleted immediately.

The only other remote possibility is that mails from your block list are reaching your Junk Mail folder and not being deleted immediately. Perhaps you can compare the sender and subject of the mails that remain in your Junk Mail folder with the filters in your custom filters settings as well as with the email addresses listed in your Block list. This will give you an idea of which of these two is sending email to the Junk Mail folder.