Hottest beach fashion in China. The Face-Kini

Yeah baby, this will sell coast to coast in the U.S. :stuck_out_tongue:

The few people wearing this stuff really look bizarre next to the normal beach goers. It is kind of sad really that people are this terrified of the sun. I wouldn’t waste my time visiting a beach if I had to wear a face kini. Just hide in the house with the curtains drawn. Strange world we live in.

Wow, that looks like a scene from some film called Terrorist Beach Party.

I can’t decide whether they look comical or scary. On one had they look like a bunch of Mexican luchadores preparing for the most kick ass beach wrestling match ever. On the other hand those outfits look like something a rapist with a strange fetish would wear.

I think it was even sven who once detailed the ridiculous fear that many of her female Chinese students had of the sun. To the point where they would freak out at being exposed to Sol while walking from one building to another.

Humans love to jump from one extreme to another. We went from sunbathing for hours at a time to practically hiding from the sun.

I don’t sunbathe. I get a little sun walking outdoors, gardening, and just running errands. That’s a reasonable and moderate exposure. If I visited a beach then sunblock is a must.

Vitamin D Deficiency is a big concern for people who avoid getting any sun at all. It’s not a natural way to live.

It looks like it’s prone to moving around on your face and leaving your eyes and mouth covered, which doesn’t sound like a safe plan when you’re frolicking in the waves.

I understand the bodysuit aspect of those outfits as a way to protect from sunburn and jellyfish, so I suppose the face part would help there as well, but if you’re that afraid of the sun, what the hell are you doing at the beach?

“Some fashion-concussions swimmers match the colour of their protective head mask to their body suit.”

There is a blues band called Los Straitjackets that performs wearing Mexican Wrestling masks. The band is fun, but I did some stage work for them and it is creepy as hell hanging out with masked people.

I saw one or two of those yesterday in Qingdao. There are thousands of people on the beaches here so I think those masks are pretty rare.

It just shows that industrialism is still a new concept in China. Sooner or later they’ll stop thinking “tanned like a peasant” and start thinking “pale like a factory worker”; at least, that’s how it happened in the West.

A planet where El Santo evolved from men?

That’s a good point I hadn’t considered. That’s how it was in the U.S. High society Victorian women adored their pale skin. It set them apart from the working classes.

Are we sure they’re not just all Pussy Riot fans?

Exactly. And that changed by the early 20th Century, when people started noticing that the lower classes were pale from working indoors all days, while the rich were tanned from spending the summer in San Tropez. The Chinese will probably undergo a similar shift sooner or later.

Those just don’t make that much sense, the most delicate and wrinkle-prone and likely to sunburn skin around the eyes and the lips (ouch sunburned lips) are still exposed. A wide-brimmed hat and large sunglasses still makes more sense. Being covered like that would just make me sweaty and itchy.

I’m one who just stays out of the sun. When I go to the beach, it’s very late in the day when shadows are long and the sand doesn’t burn my feet. My last vitamin D test showed my supplement is working and those levels are fine - the level made by my body was as low as measurable, so the supplement is definitely necessary.

I was thinking Where the Gimps are

Seeing that freak show would send me fleeing in terror.

Thank you - I needed that :smiley:

What I don’t get, I saw a news report that was covering this, and they were saying something about the health risks of these masks. Unless they’re made of some seriously nasty plastic (and why would they be?), they’re almost certainly safer than getting that much sun.

I’m thinking dehydration, and possibly heatstroke.

They should call that guy “Dr. Sexy, MD”. (the guy in the picture). :smiley: