Facekini: Perfect for the SDMB !

We could have the logo silkscreened on the back of the mighty attractive facekini !!!



oh. my.

Here is my facekini! :smiley:

Isn’t a string facekini missing the point a little?

What are all those Mexican Wrestlers doing on Chinese beaches?

Maybe they’re looking for the Dread Pyramid of Itzilichlitlichlitzl, and they need Sensei Ping.

How are you going to identify the person that stole your stuff while you were in the water?

Well, he was wearing…oh, never mind.

Weird. I have been trying to remind myself to order those exact parts this week but I didn’t know a good source. I am ordering it based on your serendipitous link. Thanks!

Looks like there is a mass robbery taking place at the beach refreshment stand.

Maybe I should wear one of those to protect my face. I can’t spend more than about 10 minutes in strong sunlight even while wearing sunscreen.

Maybe I should wear one to protect my identity. I am not in shape to be seen on the beach, even if I have lost some weight lately.

They’re a bit too featureless for me. I’d rather have a Beardhead.

I know it’s all in fun, but I have to wonder about the reporter’s guessing as to why it’s popular.

If, indeed, a pale complexion is a sign of gentility, then it stands to reason that pale arms and hands, at the least, should accompany it. Otherwise it just kind of defeats the purpose of stating “Look, I don’t have to be outside in the garden growing my food all day anymore!”, no?

You’re welcome.

Oh man. If I ever need to knit someone a gag gift, I have some very good ideas now.

Recent previous thread on the topic. Some of the comments are pretty funny.

Tell the truth, you’re just pimping this comment, right?

That’s cool!