Hotties from the Whedonverse (take 2)

Based on feedbacks, take 2 of this thread.

Just for the record, the grown-up Trachtenberg is way cute, especially in Eurotrip, but I felt quite pervy voting for “Dawn.” Such is life.



Way too hard. Jewel Straite is one of my favorites, but Charisma Carpenter is smokin hot. Summer Glau and throw in Eliza Dushku and there is no way I could make a choice.

That man does have spectacularly good taste, doesn’t he.

Kaylee. Grown-up Dawn.

Don’t make me choose!

Kaylee and Inara. Didn’t even have to think about it. On a bit of reflection, I added River, but she’s not really in the same league.

Looking at the results now, I probably should’ve given Willow the nod… but I’m glad I didn’t, as that would’ve pushed her into the lead past Kaylee, and that just wouldn’t be right. :smiley:

I so won that other thread:



Yeah Whedon/Fox, I got yer number. :smiley:

Not to try to derail your poll after what happened to the first one, but:

What, no Saffron? :smiley:

Oh, fer Og’s sake…


We need links to pictures!

Why are there no men to choose from?

The list is long enough as it is. The original thread that inspired this is clearly intended for folks who like women, and considering that most people are not bi, I’m not sure it makes sense to mix the men to this poll. But do feel free to start a separate poll if you like.

No Lila, no Amy,…

He got all the regulars this time though. I think that’s what’s important.

…no Bender, no Zoidberg…

I’ve never understood Kaylee attraction. For some reason, she appears to me as though she has down’s syndrome.

You are dead to me.

Naah ! Less competition for Kayleelove :smiley: