Buffy or Willow or Cordy or...?

All right, once again in the spirit of Ginger vs. Mary Ann and Bailey vs Jennifer, it is time to inquire as to which of the many babes of Buffy-verse (ie from the tv shows * Buffy the Vampire Slayer* and/or Angel) float your boat. The nominees are - and feel free to add others I’ve forgotten about or neglected- are:

Buffy Anne Summers
Willow Rosenberg (either before or after she discovered her sexual orientation :wink: )
Cordelia Chase
Anya Jenkins
Tara Maclay
Harmony Kendall
Fred Burckle
Dawn “Jailbait” Summers
Joyce Summers
Faith the Vampire Slayer
Kendra the Vampire Slayer
Jenny Calendar
Amy Madison
Either of the girls that defeated Buffy and Cordy to become homecoming queen
Lilah Morgan
Detective Kate Lockley
Alonna (Gunn’s vamped sister)
(the Buffy-verse suffers from a lack of good looking sistas, I’m suddenly noticing)
Any of he potential slayers who are all a big blur to me.

I’ve got to go with Cordelia, from season 2 of Angel, back when she was living with Phantom Dennis and before she got all demony.

And because I don’t want to be too sexist, if you prefer one of the males, then don’t let me stop you.

Well, I’ve definitely got the hots for bad-boy Spike. Not mushy good-boy Spike; he’s boring.

Dawn @ 18

Willow Rosenberg, pre-lesbian of course. She’s just so damn cute. Steals my heart. :smiley:

Crazy basement Spike. The curls were HOT.

  1. Cordy
  2. (tie) Fred and Willow (or both, heh)
  3. Anya
  4. Gwen Raiden (the lightning chick from Angel)
  1. Dawn
    1a. WerewolfChick
  2. Faith
  3. Anya
  4. Fred
  5. Harmony

Definitely Cordy, although I wouldn’t kick Faith or Lilah out of bed for eating crackers.

Cordy always struck me as the only really sensible Scooby, who appeared to have an “it’s all about me” complex but (unlike most of the other characters, IMO) knew where she stood in the grand scheme of things when the chips were down. Most of the other women: too whiny for me.

3-Dawn (in a couple years)
5-Werewolf chick

  1. Illyria (I have a thing for dangerous women)
  2. Willow
  3. Fred
  4. Cordelia
  5. Darla
  1. Willow
  2. Willow
  3. Willow
  4. Willow
  5. vamp-Willow

Dibs on Giles! Especially *Band Candy *Giles! after that (or, preferably, at the same time):

Spike (any Spike)
Vamp Xander
Bad-Ass Wesley
(ah, shit, I’m seeing a pattern here)

It’s a tie between Willow and vamp-Willow - it would have to depend on whether I was feeling dominant or submissive I think :wink:

Oh why isn’t there a Homer Simpson drooling smiley?

mmmm… Willow…

Oh oh oh!

Willow AND vamp-Willow!

Excuse me… I’m just… errrr… I think… I might have… a lie down… yes, that’s right. Don’t disturb me.

Well… Faith is the hottest woman alive.

… That’s it. I almost remembered something else just then, but now it’s gone.

Willow, Oz, Anya, and Angel. Preferably all together. I’m all about equal opportunity here.

I’ve only ever seen season 1 of Buffy (and very recently, at that), so I don’t know who most of those characters are. I liked it enough to continue watching, though.

I’ll rank Willow the highest, followed by Cordelia (a total bitch, but my friend assures me she gets cooler and even becomes an ally), then Buffy, then Darla as a distant fourth.


  1. Faith (Mmmm…had a girlfriend who dressed up as her for Halloween one year. Funny thing as, GF’s name was Kendra…)
  2. Cordellia
  3. Willow (I think she was hottest after becoming al esbian…so season 5 looks with season 1 sexual preferance ;))
  4. Anya
  5. Miss Calender

my fiance’s answer: Willow

my answer: Oz