House 2/7: Family Practice

Cuddy’s mother presents with symptoms that cause House to use unusual and possibly illegal strategies for treatment.

Nobody? I thought it was a good episode. Especially liked the sub-plot with Taub. Dirty pool, breaking his nose!

I love Taub’s nose. Wish I hadn’t seen that.

Poor Masters. I wonder if/when she will crack: before or after she sleeps with house?

I think this was the best episode in a long while. I don’t think it has been so dark since the arc where Foreman was dying.

I’d been souring on House a bit this season, but this was a good episode. And Lisa Edelstein did a very good job.

This episode had a different look. Darker and more contrasty with the magenta dialed back, leaving a bluish look. I know it happened on a rainy day, but even in windowless rooms the look I described was obvious.

Strong ep. They tend to save the powerful ones for the February sweeps.

I liked this one a lot. I particularly liked the fact that

House, even though he was pissed off at Masters for ratting him out to Mom and the cardiologist, re-hired her at the end because he was impressed that she stood up to him for what she believed to be right. I also liked his other rationale for re-hiring her–so she can do exactly that, thus keeping him from doing things he shouldn’t because of Cuddy.

I wish they’d keep Masters and not bring Thirteen back. Moral dilemmas and trying to keep your personal integrity around House are a lot more interesting than Thirteen and her disease-of-the-week angst.

I’m not much of a Thirteen fan, but Masters grates on me a bit. I couldn’t make it through a couple of the earlier episodes so feel free to point out something I missed, but it seems every time she weighs what to do she decides…to snitch. She feels so predictable.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I find her highly annoying. But that makes her an interesting character, and she’s a good foil for House. It’s fun watching him figure out how to deal with her, and his grudging respect for her even when she annoys the hell out of him.

Thirteen is…boring. I’m bored with her disease, I’m bored with her angst with Foreman, I’m bored with her blandness. I think they keep her around because a lot of guys think she’s hot. I can’t figure out what else is interesting about her character.

Thirteen *is *hot. That’s enough reason to keep her around, in my book. And I don’t find her boring.

Anyone else get all bothered about who the actress was who played Cuddy’s sister? It bugged me to no end until I figured it out. I think she is:

the chick who played the reporter on *Seinfeld *who outed Jerry and George as gay.

I keep waiting for a patient to tell Masters that he’s really God.

Paula Marshall

After nine episodes where Olivia Wilde is credited but did not appear, she was finally dropped from the credits. Yeah! Let’s hope it’s permanent.

(I keep waiting for Cameron to re-appear complete with the consequence of her one-night re-union with Chase from the “Lockdown” episode from April.)

that look cuddy gave house after he diagnosed her? turned on meets i’m guilty that i’m turned on in such an inappropriate situation. ::chills::

I’d like Lisa Edelstein to eat a couple of bacon cheeseburgers to fill up the hollows around her neck and shoulderblades.

Yeah she’s aging pretty violently.

I think she’s vegan and does lots of yoga, and back when she was on the West Wing I thought she looked awesome and sleek and fit, but now I’m wondering if it’s the old Hollywood claiming to be vegan to hide disordered eating. Combined with natural aging, she looks gaunt and not so good.

Also, I had high hopes for the Masters character, but she just seems to be Cameron 2.0

Nope. She’s still filming movies, but she’s returning this season. It’s a done deal, according to Wilde.