House Bunny, yes House Bunny, is Funny!

So I went to go see House Bunny last night with extremely low expectations. Well, color me stupid and smack my ass the movie was pretty dang funny, far funnier than it had any right to be. Yes, it is shallow and vaccuous, but it is funny stuff. I am not necessarily saying it is worht $10 bucks, but you could do a lot worse. And Anna Faris is such a good comedienne

Are there boobies?

I think Anna Faris is hilarious.
She totally stole the show in Just Friends which was otherwise a subpar movie. She played a perfect spoiled brat young celebrity singer who was just plain nuts.
I want to see this movie also but will wait for the DVD.

Faris’s “mad cow” bit (starting at 7:40 in this entirely NSFW youtube clip) from Scary Movie 2 never fails to crack me up, but I think I’ll wait for House Bunny to show up on cable.

I’m probably never going to see this, but:

Yes, yes, yes. She is a ridiculously talented comic actor who has not been able to escape the ghetto of third-rate slapstick. In a just world, she would be a much bigger star, with her pick of comedy projects. Instead, she’s scraping around the fringes of the industry, picking up scripts after they’ve been discarded from higher up the food chain. Very sad.

Indeed, you don’t make a comedy set in college about a playboy bunny and not have any boobies.

Do you?

Shockingly there are no boobies, but there is brief booty (Anna Faris’, although I suppose it could be a body double).

Oh, for the glory days of the 1970s, when it seemed Hollywood could not create a movie (aye, even serious films) which did not feature boobies.

How the arts have fallen in these later times…

I left after 30 minutes. The karaoke sequence.

Hmm, maybe I’ll check it out after all. Anna Faris is one of the funniest people in the business (though she’s not given much to work with), but the ads… they did not look promising.