House season premiere 9/16

Wilson wants to resign from Princeton-Plainsboro.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. Join us here later!

Can someone please spoil what must have been last season’s last episode?

How did Amber die? I don’t remember that!

Watching the show now; House Is Back!!!

You can read a synopsis here:

You want episodes 15 and 16 of season four, called House’s Head and Wilson’s Heart.

The short version:

House gets drunk in a bar and calls Wilson to come pick him up. Wilson isn’t available so Amber comes instead. House convinces her to drink with him, so they get on a bus to ride home. Amber takes a dose of flu medicine just before the bus crashes. Her kidneys are damaged, and her body can’t clear the medicine out (takes them a long time to figure this out). She dies slowly and heart-wrenchingly in Wilson’s arms.

Wilson needs to stop being such a baby. This whole episode made me dislike his character.

I agree. I would have understood that Wilson was upset about Amber, but the reason he gave at the end just pissed me off. Also, I hate new heroin chic doctor.

respectfully disagreeing - I thought the episode was really good. Tightly written, really fine dialogue. Also had no problem with Wilson’s portrayal in this episode. Cuddy was not too ridiculous. And Hugh Laurie was superb. Now, if they could either find good purposes/storylines for the three original ducklings, or just get rid of them.

I find myself really worried that the same thing is going to happen with this season of NCIS.

Man, you’re going to hate her even more when later this season she starts dating a patient played by Felicia Day,

I think I’ll probably hate her about the same. :smiley: Every time she emotes I think of Calvin Klein.

My DVR cut off during the last scene, just after Wilson said, “We aren’t friends anymore.” Will someone please tell me how the scene ended?

mine did too, I second this request

I don’t know the exact quote but Wilson said, “We are not friends…and I don’t know if we ever were.”

Then he picked up his stuff and walked out.

(I deleted it earlier so if this isn’t exact, I apologize.)

13 insisted that it’s possible to transplant a fetus growing in the wrong part of the body to the uterus. When did we fall into the realm of science fiction? I read a neat book about the idea called Solomon’s Knife, but I don’t think it’s really possible. Is it?

This is why you should also tape Fringe, it cut out for me too, but since I was taping Fringe as well I got the rest of it. :smiley: </shameless plug>

Anyway, I thought it was a good episode. It wasn’t as humorous and a lot more dramatic but I would have been upset if after the last season finale they immediately went back to quirky fun time. I’m hoping that the Wilson-House relationship is restored at some point during the season, though, because it’s one of my favorite dynamics of the show.

I read an article in Entertainment Weekly where somebody (director/producer/writer of some caliber) said that it wasn’t a show that intended to have an ensemble cast, and it was called House for a reason. They did mention, however, that there would be an episode this season that primarily revolved around Cameron and Chase and their relationship.

House gets a private investigator on Wilson’s case next week and basically stalks him, so no worries…

Just not getting a vibe from from the new team mates. They are really boring and whiny. I think Forman should have taken over the case with more confidence and leadership when House dropped out. After all the steps he’s made showing his growth in confidence it seemed out of character somewhat for him to act so uninvolved and sit on the back burner. Am I making any sense?

I think the writers are having Wilson grow up and not be such an enabler for House. He stood up to House about dating Amber and now he’s not letting House intimidate him into staying even at the cost of a patient’s life.

I like Taub and Kutner well enough, but I can lose Thirteen. I don’t care if she dies of early-onset Parkinson’s or just decides to go work at McDonald’s. She adds nothing of value.

I liked the scene between Cameron and Wilson, when she was telling him about her missing her late husband. It was sweet and telling; they haven’t mentioned him in many episodes. There has been some gossip about Cameron and Wilson hooking up. I’m hoping that won’t happen, it could be a total disaster a la Grey’s Anatomy.

Oh, I actually did record Fringe! I didn’t even think about that - I’ll look for the scene tonight. (I was going to collect several episodes of Fringe before watching it.)

And thanks, kyari.

I thought this was an okay episode. I don’t like Thirteen either.