House 10/14

“Birthmarks”: House is coerced into attending his dad’s funeral.

Awwwwwwww! I know I was all against it before, but now I’m so happy for those two!

But what happened to the P.I.?

Can someone tell me what House’s ringtone was for the team - I know it’s a song I know, but I can’t quite get a fix on what it was.

The song was MM Bop by Hanson.

I am glad Wilson is returning, I didn’t know how much I missed him until his was gone! Well, sort of gone anyway. Their whole relationship is screwed up, but sweet.

The diagnoses are getting more and more out there, but I suppose that is why we all love it. I was pleased with this episode.

It’s Hanson’s “Mm Bop”. Perfect.

I liked this episode. I haven’t had a chance to watch yet this season, so I was glad to come in on an episode that tells of Wilson’s and House’s meeting etc. Kind weird about the dad, though. Don’t know what they’re going to do with that.
The storyline was gruesome. Ew!

next week looks like a real charmer. Can 13 die already? I really dislike that character.

Thanks (and thanks to elanorrigby too) - My wife is now awed by the SDMB’s powers

Please, please kill her. I agree, she is useless and annoying, IMO

Maybe we could stick pins in her head… <evil laugh>
I really don’t see anything that she adds. Cameron is still around for decorative purposes.

I still don’t get the hate for 13. I like her; and have since she was on The Black Donnelys.

I liked this episode too. I guess the dad thing could be a future story line, but I don’t see it as being a very entertaining one. I say give us more of the PI.

I’m not a House/Wilson shipper, but I swear I thought their shouting match in the funeral home was going to culminate in a passionate kiss.

Then when Wilson reached for the bottle, I though he was going to clock House with it.

The clipping of his dad’s ear was hilarious! I had to rewind and watch it three times to make sure I had seen it correctly.

Me too! :smiley:

That moment during the eulogy when House choked up, I thought: oh no! please don’t go all sentimental on me! It’s a compliment to Hugh Laurie’s acting ability that I had that moment of doubt. But – whew! – it was only a cover for getting a DNA sample.

Anyone want to summarize the last minute or two? I saw where House said that he doesn’t care (about the DNA results), and then my DVR cut off.

I loved hearing about House & Wilson meeting. Too funny. I love Wilson so much(but I love the PI too!). I liked Kutner a lot in this episode. Was this the most we’ve seen the original ducklings in awhile? It seemed like it (although it was still only about a minute).

The ear-clipping was just awesome. The pins made me a bit sick though. How awful!

What did House say to Wilson, just before he got up to do the eulogy? Wilson said something about his Dad, and House said, " I told you…mumblemumblemumble."

I missed it.

Same thing happened to me. That’s twice in three shows that’s happened to me. Fox and the cable companies need to do a better job of communicating regarding show lengths.

So yeah, a summary of the last scene would be appreciated!

Please, please, please, someone, summarize. Our TV feed switched from US to Canada at the exact same spot, cut off the end of the show, and now we’re all dying to know what was said.


I just got this here newfangled DVR service and it did the same thing. Way to annoy the audience, Fux.

However, the show has hit its stride again. Great week. Although–pins stuck into a baby girl’s head? Ewwwww. Fox will be hearing from the Chinese Embassy tomorrow; they don’t have a moral leg to stand on but hey, never stopped them before.

Last 2 minutes summary -

Wilson says that no one gets to choose their parents and apparently not even their friends. He tells House that Cuddy hasn’t filled his job and that he’s staying at the hospital. House says something about it shouldn’t just be because of his “shining neediness” and Wilson agrees that that is part of it. House asks if Wilson is hungry, Wilson says “Yeah”, they head for the door. At the door, House turns to Wilson and says “My Dad just died.” and Wilson says “I know”. Fade to black.

Or something kinda like that.

I didn’t know there was going to be a test!

House says, “My dad’s dead,” and Wilson says, “Yeah. My sympathies.”

When I saw the way House got choked up for a second at the funeral, I thought it was him actually showing real emotion momentarily. Then the kiss was just to cover the DNA sample. I think in his speech he realized that he had been affected by his dad into becoming what he was, “for better or worse.” The event of his dad dying made that poignant for him, if only for a second.

It was a great second and a good job by H.L.