Houston Dopers....What are the "can't miss" attractions?

I’m finally taking the big trip and going down to meet my boyfriend’s family in Texas. Never been there, never even flown, EXTREMELY nervous. I am definitely a hick from Kentucky.
But anyway, he lives outside of Houston a bit but in order to escape for a few days, we are venturing off to the big city to stay and have some time to ourselves. He hasn’t really been to much besides the Space Center, so I’ve been looking up things to do. I’ve found some that look interesting, but I’d like to have some opinions from you. What are some of your favorite places, restaurants, etc? I am definitely going to the zoo just because I absolutely adore animals of all kinds, but everything else is pretty much open. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

You must definitely go to Goode’s BBQ on Richmond. If I lived in Houston, I’d eat there at least twice a week. I know this for a fact because when I visit Houston I eat there at least twice a week.

In my opinion Otto’s barbeque on Memorial is better than Goode’s on Richmond. If appearance is an issue for you, stick with Goode’s it’s a nicer place. Otto’s is just a shack but I prefer the barbeque there. It’s a place that started as a mom and pop type deal and made good. Don’t try to go on Thursday’s or Friday’s during lunch hour the lines are out the door unless you go right at 11 a.m. or after 1 p.m.

If you have the emotional stamina for it, the Holocaust Holocaust Museum Houston is worth your time.

You mentioned Space Center Houston, so if you’re going to be south, you might want to consider going on down to Moody Gardens The gardens, beach and the rainforest pyramid are worth the trip and there’s an IMAX if you like the big screen movies.

Also on the south side is Kemah. You might want to consider dinner at the Aquarium Restaurant on the
Kemah Boardwalk. The food is good not great, but the atmosphere is quite fun. Although I did hear it’s popularity had caused the quality of service to suffer lately. I haven’t been there in awhile.

See the Astros play in the new Enron Field or the Museum of Fine Arts. There is the planetarium, a butterfly garden and another IMAX theater at theHouston Museum of Natural Science.

There is a french restaurant with classic dishes and a good wine list set in a quaint old church called Chez Nous in Humble, just NE of Houston.

You didn’t mention any specific interests other than the Zoo. There are several other type museums, great ethic food places, golf courses, amusement parks, water parks and other stuff to if you give me an idea what you are looking for.

I can’t help you with the night club scene although I’m sure some of the other Houston Dopers will check in and fill you in there. :slight_smile:

Safe Travels to you!