Houston meeting in February

It’s time for my annual trip down south and that means a meeting.

I’m fairly flexible on days but the second or third weekends would be good if it works for other people.

They work for me as well. As of right now, I’m open both weekends.

Any suggestions for location? As we all know, I’m partial to the Kublai Khan in Carillon Center, so I’ll open the bidding with that.

Somebody poke Ringo and wake him him, as well as LionSOB.

I will check my schedule but think…

Crap, I have shows 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 27th and 28th.

I will keep watching the thread in case I have a late load in.


Was that the place on Westheimer we went to before? If so, I’ll second it.

If there’s a better day for you, throw it in.

Yes, in Carillon Center. http://www.kublaikhanhouston.com/

I got my updated calendar from work and I do not think I can join you guys on a weekend day. I have a lateish load in for Ron White on Fri the 7th but the rest are full rock production shows with semis. I do have the weekend of 21,22 and 23 open but I think Nemo will have headed back up to the great white north by then.

Have a good time Houston Dopers and I will try it again


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May be in town for some of the weeks in feb, that’s a good area. Vintropolis is pretty good as well, you can order food from any of the restaurants in that carrillion plaza area and have it delivered, they keep the menus there. Just wine and some high end beers on the drinks menu though.
Don’t count me, but I could be a last minute walk in.

I am getting married on the second weekend of Feb (2-14-2014) . but the third weekend would work for us with the upside of my being able to introduce the new Mrs.LIONsob to the HouDopers

Maybe we’re looking at different days here. The 8th and 9th is the second weekend of the month and the 15th and 16th is the third weekend.

I can see that the fourth weekend - the 22nd and 23rd - appears better for you guys but it doesn’t work very well for me. At that point, I’ll have limited access to a car and I may be on the road traveling back to New York.

After looking at a calendar I see that the 14th. is the 3rd. weekend of Feb. so both the first and second weekends are ok with me.

So let’s aim for Saturday February 8 at the Kublai Khan in the Carillon Center on Westheimer. Does this work okay for people?

Works for me. Taekwondo classes end at noon and I’m sure that folks will appreciate it if SWMBO and I showered before we showed up, so how about 1:00 p.m.?

I really wish I could make it and I’m bummed out but I’m not going to be in town that day :frowning: Sorry I missed the thread until just now, but I’d be out of town all of february weekends except the last one.

Hope y’all have fun and maybe next year :slight_smile:

Got it on my calendar. I’ll check back for any changes.

Hey all!

I should be able to make it.

I look forward to seeing the Houston crew (and Nemo, of course).

A seven day bump.

A couple-of-days-after-Nemos-bump bump.

A day before, last chance bump.

Kublai Khan in the Carillon Center, 10001 Westheimer at 1:00 p.m.

Be there or…be somewhere else not as much fun.