How About 100 Looney Tunes characters?

Here’s the rules: must be a Looney Tunes or Looney Tunes affiliated cartoon. Also, the character either must have appeared in more than 1 cartoon, OR the character must have been the lead of the cartoon in which he/she/it appeared. Tiny Toons do, unfortunately, count.

Easy ones first:

1- Bugs Bunny
2- Daffy Duck
3- Foghorn Leghorn
4- Dawg (Foghorn’s pal)
5- Yosemite Sam
6- Elmer J. Fudd
7- Tasmanian Devil
8- Buster Bunny
9- Marvin the Martian
10- Babs Bunny
11- Plucky Duck

Take it away, Dopers.

Well, you didn’t limit us to one, but I’ll be nice and only name a few.

  1. Wile E. Coyote
  2. The Road Runner
  3. Pepe Le Pue (sp?)
  4. That poor black cat that always gets a white strip painted on it that he chases after. I mean, for God’s sake, he was essentially a stalker/potential rapist, and we LAUGHED at it!

The Warner borthers Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister, Dot.

Tweety Bird, Sylvester, and Granny.

I always hated Tweety.


I can’t think of four. But how about Gossamer, that giant hairy monster thing?

Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all of Mexico.

The unnamed kangaroo with boxing skills that Sylvester kept mistaking for a mouse.

The “junior” chicken, a geeky kind of fellow, that Foghorn Leghorn kept trying to teach the ropes to.

If Tiny Toons doesn’t count, the other recent vintage shows shouldn’t, either. Off the top of my head:

  1. Bugs

  2. Daffy

  3. Sylvester

  4. Elmer

  5. Yosemite Sam

  6. Tweety

  7. Wile E Coyote

  8. Roadrunner

  9. Speedy Gonzales

  10. Foghorn Leghorn

  11. Granny

  12. Marc Anthony/Hector/Generic bulldog

  13. Pussyfoot

  14. Henery Hawk

  15. Miss Prissy Hen, aka Ol’ Squarebritches

  16. “That dawg”, just grab his tail and spank him.

  17. Egghead Jr

  18. Claude Cat

  19. and 20. Hubie and Bertie

  20. Sniffles

  21. The Bookworm

  22. Porky Pig

  23. Petunia Pig

  24. Bosko/Buddy

  25. Honey

  26. Conrad Cat

  27. Charlie Dog

  28. Ralph the wolf

  29. Sam the sheepdog

  30. Tasmanian Devil

  31. Marvin the Martian

  32. K-9

  33. Witch Hazel

  34. Blaque Jacques Shellaque

  35. and 37. Muggsy and Rocky

    1. and 40. The Bear family
  36. Sylvester Jr

  37. Slow-Poke Rodriguez

  38. Pepe le Pew

  39. Penelope Cat

  40. Ralph whatever-his-name-is, the daydreamer kid

  41. Kool Kat

  42. Merlin the Magic Mouse

  43. Hippety-Hopper, the baby kangaroo

  44. Pvt Snafu

  45. Dr Seuss’ Horton. “Hatches the Egg” was made as a Merrie Melodie.

You take it from there. :smiley:

Michigan J. Frog
The Brain
The Chickenhawk
Ralph the Wolf (not Wild E.)
Sam the Sheepdog

Dang it, don Jaime. All you left me with was Michigan J. Frog.

You mention the gangsters, but not the Irish Cop?

“Would I turn the gas on if my pal Muggsy was in there?”
“You might, rabbit…you might.”

Has anyone named the two feuding hillbillies yet? The ones that Bugs has squaredancing as they fight?

51, 52. Babbit and Costello.
53. Beaky Buzzard.
54. Cecil Turtle.
55. I vaguely remember seeing a caricatured little African boy in a collection of the banned Looney Tunes, but I don’t remember his name (or if he had one)
56, 57. The two little over-polite gophers, Mac and Tosh.

  1. The Dodo.

Dude, come on.
Where’s the fun in that?

The idea is to name one each, right?

Then if you’re so cool that you know fifty off the top of your head, you can still sit on the thread and shit out names one by one!!!


I’m sorry, that, “look at the pickle” thing was directed towards another thread.

Hammy Pig
Dizzy Devil
Furball the cat
Gogo the dodo
Maximillion (Bucks? Been a while)

I know I’m missing a couple.

P. Puma (“How many lumps do you want?” “Oh, 3 or 4.”)

Bugs Bunny’s nephew Clyde (to whom he gave that slightly inaccurate American history lesson)

Hennery Chickenhawk

Going way back:
Foxy and Roxy
Oliver Owl, Beans, Ham and Ex (The stars of the first cartoon to feature Porky Pig, who was just a minor character in it.)

Inky. And you should include the Minah Bird, too, since they shared billing.

Goofy gopher #1
Goofy gopher #2

(also known as Niles and Frasier Crane)

Claude the cat
Frisky the pup (who tormented Claude the cat)
The two mice (who tormented Claude the cat)

Dern, upon review, all my characters were previously mentioned. I need more espresso.

The goofy gophers have names? Who knew?

Witch Hazel & her whirling hair pins.