How about a new forum (or whatever it's called)?

I wonder if the mods might consider creating a forum for questions that address a range of, uh, indelicate topics. Two examples:

Months back, some Doper wanted to know the best technique for wiping one’s ass. (If I remember correctly, his wife insisted that a standing position was the only way to go.)

More recently an OP asked if it is possible for someone to defecate whilst someone else was blowing on his asshole.

When I see threads like these, I often wish I could delete them just from my monitor, so I don’t have to look at them. If someone else wants to see them on his screen, fine. But for me, I’d just as soon not. How about you?

Admittedly, both examples cited are fecal-focused, but I’m fairly confident a search would come up with threads on a wide range of topics that might be somewhat objectionable, maybe even repugnant to many Dopers. So if there were a forum for such topics, you’d have to make a conscious decision to see them.

Now, I don’t want to impinge on anyone’s freedom of speech. I don’t even want to ask for a remedy that the majority (or even a significant minority) would object to. Hell, it might well be that folks in general here feel there is nothing too disgusting or repellant about any topic raised on any forum. If that’s the case, so be it. Leave things as they are.

Others might be in favor of a new forum, but hesitate, wondering, “How do you define shit like this?” :smiley:

Well I don’t know the answer, but we have very intelligent overseers who can come up with one, and their definition could be amended as needed. (Come to think of it, even naming the new category might be a challenge.)

Meanwhile the mods, as they always do, would be making their decisions on the fly, relegating certain threads to this new category. Inevitably, some of their pronouncements won’t go down so well, but other than grumbling a bit, we all live with their decisions, good and bad. So in the long run, it would no big deal.

What do you think?

Not going to happen.

People are pretty good about flagging their TMI threads appropriately. And considering some of the other rejected ideas for new forums, this one doesn’t stand much of a chance of becoming a reality.

I think the form name would end up being TMI. Just to give everyone who’s thinking of going in warning.

But who would they get to moderate it? Would they take a poll of all the moderators and pick the ones least liked there?

That wouldn’t be fair – why should Coldfire have to do it? :smiley:

[sub]I kid, I kid![/sub]

If we had a new forum “All TMI, All The Time” I swear, that would be the forum I’d read first every day. :smiley: I love me some TMI threads.

My questions: Just how gross is too gross? How the heck would it be moderated?

Oh, and I’d nominate lieu for mod. He is the God of Fecal Facts.

Something similar I wonder could be set up- a forum in which one could ask Qs or make comments too embarrassing to sign with even your Doper Name. The Mods would know who was posting but otherwise the option would exist to post Anonymously.

In all honesty, it’s the last place I’d be wont to venture. Some might misinterpret my verbal frustrutation with people shitting and farting all over the place as some perverse attraction but, in fact, nothing could make me happier than if in general folks were to point their odiferous asses elsewhere.

Yes, poop can be funny but not when you’re staring it in the face. I’ll respectfully nominate Anal Scurvy in my stead.

Probably the biggest problem with opening a new forum specifically for TMI threads is that it would attract TMI content, as opposed to the current situation, where a reasonable level of TMI content is permitted/tolerated; there have in the past been times when the mods have said (words to the effect) “OK, guys, that’s enough of the goat-felching threads for now; go back to your lives” - but it’s not so easy to control the number of unpleasant threads when the whole forum is dedicated to them.

OK, so what need is there to control the number of such threads anyway? Well, it’s sort of a slippery slope argument, but quite a plausible one with not many increments, I think:
-New TMI forum created
-Many and diverse TMI threads created
-Board becomes more attractive to folks with a wide range of fetishes
-Change in membership demographic leads to a general change of ‘tone’ across the entire board.

Probably the most significant difference between this board and other message boards on the internet is the standard of moderation and the level of member compliance with the rules - would this survive a sizeable influx/invasion of fetishists? I don’t know.