How about I break your tiny little fingers, gas station boy?

Hmm. Sorry, I guess.

Dante and davenportavenger make a good point: it’s bootless to sermonize about what’s going on in the heads of people you don’t know. Dante feels so strongly about it that he popped up to say so despite having no opinion to share with respect to the thread itself. That’s okay, because davenportavenger has two, one pro-OP and one pro-pittee. So between them, it all evens out.

Their irritation is regrettable, but there was no intent to tax their patience: I don’t even know who they are. I posted under the assumption that comments on a public message board can and will be taken or left, like any other advice or criticism. I do think that a threat to meet rudeness with mayhem is extreme and unhealthy, and I tried to couch this in abstract terms to avoid giving offense. I might have realized that any such attempt in the Pit is bound to be viewed with suspicion.

How Do You Know How I’m Viewing It? Are You A Freakin’ Mind-reader, Too?


“Gas station boy” is a profession now? Maybe levdrakon can report him to the licensing bureau. :slight_smile:

Huh. That was weird. That was supposed to be all caps, to parody a guy blowing a gasket, and a big grin to denote that I was making a joke.


As long as they get paid for it, yeah. Always been that way.

See The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, definition #2.

Dante I’ve never noticed before today, but he’s making quite a splash as someone whom you pretty much want to be on the other side as. davenport goes way back as someone who glories in unpleasantness. You’re cool, man, you’re cool.


I got no problem with that. You could even add “lame.” I’m not going to defend myself too strenuously.

I was pissed off, so I ranted. Lamely. Oh, well.

I don’t think it’s elitist telling this one guy to go get a degree and do something else. I’m not trying to insult every under-educated low paid employee in the world. Just the ones who are too busy chatting on their cell phone and drumming their fingers while waiting for me to pull cash out of my wallet when they clearly have nothing more pressing to do but stand there and wait for me to pull cash out of my wallet. It’s not like I was trying to pay with a jar of pennies, with a line of people behind me.

Dude, really. I about wore my fingertips to the nub waiting for you to post. Get moving next time.


Well, to be fair, I don’t feel too strongly about it. After all, I didn’t even really write my own post. I stole yours.

Truly, the only thing I suspect you of is being the real world incarnation of Stuart Smalley. I just get the vibe that you really want to diagnose and advise people on their mental states. Alot.

Goddamn Lute, what do you do, follow me around looking for the tiniest of nits to pick? It’s getting kind of old.

Get a fucking life, dude. Really.

Your post was decapped by the decapper.

Dude, I just posted a reply and wasn’t paying attention to whom I was replying. This is, what, the third thread in which I’ve replied to you being an ass?

Then stop making an ass of yourself.

[QUOTE=Left Hand of Dorknessdavenport goes way back as someone who glories in unpleasantness.[/QUOTE]
Well, fuck you too.

Maybe if KoS didn’t write every post in this stilted purple-prose soliloquy-esque tone, he wouldn’t come off like such a pretentious wannabe motivational speaker. I mean, he could have just told the OP “well, it’s not really such a big deal, I’d cool off if I were you.” But no, he spends like 1000 words to say the same thing, using phrases like “synaptic bobsled” just to show how smart he is, and topping it off with an ultra-condescending “I hope you feel better soon.”

Seriously dude, simplify your language, you’re coming off like a dick.

And the Ironic Post Of The Day goes to Left Hand of Dorkness, who “feels so strongly about it that he popped up to say so despite having no opinion to share with respect to the thread itself.” Thus putting himself on the same side as me. :smiley:

Well, in the second thread, you were wrong, or have you forgotten? (Clue: Two is a multiple of one.) And in this one, I was making a joke. To another poster. Not being an ass. Which makes you 0 for your last 2. And in the first, while in the minority, I had a point to make and made it. No assery there. So that’s 3 swings and 3 misses.

If you seriously think that if, for example, someone were to pay me oh, let’s say, ten dollars to listen to their problems and give them advice that that would make me a professional therapist then you must be a pedant about word meanings *par *excellence. Now that I think about it, I am sure that is the case. Here’s a little hint for a happy life. Not everything is exactly as you think it should be. You need to get out more, Steve-O.

A little more time on the slant board wouldn’t hurt, either.

First, I do have an opinion, which I expressed in my first post: it seems possible to me that this dude was drumming his fingers unconsciously to bleed off energy, not to signal impatience.

Second, what you quote above isn’t something I said, so I’m not sure where the irony comes in.

Third, if there’s a candidate for most ironic post, I think it’d have to be davenport’s first line in the post immediately above yours.

Which brings us to my new favorite quote: “Life is full of ironies for the stupid.”-PJ O’Rourke.


Gas Station Boy sounds like he’s been poorly trained to deal with the public (which happens more times than not these days). I would’ve called the station the next day and registered a complaint with the store manager.

My being wrong has no bearing. You were being a demanding ass.

Didn’t look like one. If it was just a joke, why didn’t you say so instead of accusing me of stalking you?

One can be an ass while making a point. You were being an ass by virtue of dismissing all those who disagreed with you.

So you did! My mistake.

Actually, it was something TKoS said, which you quoted in your post. Which would have made sense in the context of my post if you hadn’t posted earlier in the thread. But you did.

I guess it is… :smack:

BTW, I figured out why you noticed me today. FTR, I wasn’t referring to you in that post, but I believe you are going to find yourself on the opposite side of the table of me most of time.

Maybe if you start your own radio show à la Dr. Laura…