How accurate is the legalese in Daredevil?

Obviously some things have been changed/tweaked for drama or pacing, but since two of the main characters are lawyers, I’m curious how correct most of their actions and dialog are in the context of the show as regard to the law?

IANAL, but. Foggy was definitely right when he called the DA’s bluff about witness protection. It’s handled by US Marshals. Most of their antics seem onsistent with other tv lawyers, at least.

As an aside, I like the hot blonde lawyer way more than Karen Page as a match for Foggy- they seem to complement each other.

Well, this isn’t lawyer stuff, but it bugged the hell out of me when Karen and the editor just walked into the crime scene like newspapermen just have free reign of such things, and then the editor ordered two cops to leave the scene and go on protection detail. I’ve worked in journalism before, and where in the hell do either of those things happen?