How agressive to be in resume submissions?

I’m in the middle of a job hunt. There’s one position that I’m pretty interested in. I’ve sent them my resume, and then I followed up a week or so later with another letter, again extolling my virtues and my abilities to do the job. (They requested in large print NO PHONE CALLS.)

Now I’ve received a letter from them saying they’re reviewing my credentials, blah, blah, and asking me to fill out the form on gender and race. When I send that back, should I also send a sample of the work I’ve been doing as an example of my skills, abilities, etc.? Or is a third letter with a work sample too much? I want to show interest in the position, but I don’t want to be too demanding/pushy.

You’re already in the wheel, you’ve already shown that you’re interested.

Sending more “extras” at this point would be the difference between saying “hi, how are you?” with your pants on… or off. Keep 'em on. Send a letter along with a “thank you” note, but don’t send anything else.

You don’t ever want to be aggressive. Assertive is fine. Aggressive has a whiff of desperation.

I totally missed the word ‘resume’ when I first read this thread title.

Really? Have you seen that other places? Here, we have to guess the person’s race and gender when deciding who to interview, but we don’t/can’t ask.

I doubt that sending anything along with the affirmative action form would get to your actual interviewers. My understanding is that that information goes to a separate place (the bowels of HR, or somewhere like that), and is used to compile statistics. I don’t think the people making the decision would ever see it, for the reasons gigi mentions.