How annoying are your neighbors?

It’s summertime, so we have our windows open all day (we only have one a/c unit in the bedroom and it’s really old and loud). That means we get to hear the comings and goings of all our neighbors. They’re ok for the most part, but there are two that particularly grate on our nerves.

One is an old guy. I have no idea what he looks like, because I’ve only ever heard him. Every morning he sits outside somewhere and spends a good half hour hawking up spit. HAWK. HAWK. HAWWWWWWWWWWWWK. The volume rises and falls and rises again, until finally he’s satisfied and goes back inside.

The other is a middle aged lady who has two yappy dogs. These dogs yap at the slightest provocation and she compounds the problem by yelling at them,. “BE QUIET! BE QUIET OR ELSE!” Of course that just encourages them even more. If that weren’t enough, she is addicted to shopping online and gets deliveries to her door every single day. And she doesn’t have a doorbell, so the delivery guy just stands outside her gate and yells her name over and over again at the top of his voice, which of course drives the dogs into a barking frenzy.

I really want to move out of this neighborhood, but the rent is cheap and we’re trying to save money. So I must endure mucous hawking and dog yapping and deliverymen bellowing for the time being. :mad:

Love my neighbors. They are far enough away to never be seen, but are close enough to lend a hand every now and then.

This is a slight hijack but really more of a tangent to the OP. I’ve lived at my house in my neighborhood for a little over 5 years now. In that time, I’ve gotten to know a few of my neighbors but not many (I tend to keep to myself). One of the houses next-door to me contains a relatively young family with a bunch of kids. They are nice and friendly people with whom I get along well. Same goes with all the other neighbors I know.

My issue (or rather curiousity) is with my other next door neighbors. They are an old couple (mid-to-late 70s would be my guess) who are both retired and out fiddlin’ around with stuff in their yard all the time. These people are totally and without question un-friendly with me. I have been greeted by blank stares when I’ve waved “hi” from my car and I’ve never been even looked at when I am outside and one (or both) of them is outside as well.

Considering the fact that this unpleasantness is not new and I’ve never been ANY sort of “bad neighbor”, I just ignore these people and interact only with the friendly neighbors. But what’s weird is that these curmudgeons seem to get along with everybody else in the neighborhood; everybody except me. And it mystifies me. I’ve never had any loud parties, I keep my grass cut and I keep to myself; what could possibly set these nasty old people off? :confused:

It’s gotten much better since the one family got rid of that fucking collie. They still have two yappy little dogs, but nothing like that psycho mutt.

Being Japan, our houses are damn near touching each other, and both neighbors as well as us have kids, so we all try to keep it reasonably quiet.

One of the neighbors has two small kids, one a little older than Beta-chan who will be four in October and one who is a little younger than Didi, who will be two also in October. We split nights on whose baby/kid is going to wake up the neighborhood.

The other neighbor’s girl is in fifth grade. Any noise above normal talking can be heard, so we can tell when the mother wants the girl to do her homework. The other parents occasionally fight, but no one seems to be into loud, screaming sex. Parties can be heard, but since we’re all in the same basket, people try to be reasonable and no one really complains.

The neighbors two houses up (and a good 25 feet away) is a nice lady with a husband who pretends none of us exist. Um, OK.

I never see my neighbors. They all mind their own business, which is all I ask for. Nothing worse than nosy, snoopy neighbors.

My first year in the current apartment wasn’t all that fun. The 65 year old lady under me apparently decided she was so lonely she needed an alcoholic with dementia for a boyfriend. Between the yelling, swearing, falling (which shook the building), fighting and police calling, they were a huge pain in the ass. Luckily the management company is pretty cool and they didn’t renew her lease. New downstairs neighbor is quiet, and it’s probably night-working me who makes her crazy when I’m cooking at 3am with four cats galloping around.

My building is dog friendly, and there seem to be more dogs around than when I first moved in. More are barkers, anyway. There are just three that seem excessive about it, but just when barking at other dogs in the courtyard or when people are near their doors. As long as there aren’t any that bark constantly when owners are away all day, no big deal. My good “back door” neighbors recently moved out, so I’m a little nervous about who might end up moving in where I have to share porch space. It’s a small, narrow porch, and without good neighbors it could get dicey.

Oh, I dread when I have to start leaving my windows open. And every single night for 30-60 minutes there’s a leaf blower going outside my window.

The other day a super drunk guy was yelling/slurring for like an hour at the door of the person a couple doors down in my building. Finally he stopped and I thought he’d left, only to find that several hours later, at about 3am, he was passed out snoring REALLY loud all sprawled out on the floor outside that person’s door.

The people right above me have screaming/stomping fights fairly often, at any time of day or night. Apparently, she thinks that he thinks that she’s ugly and can’t get anyone else, but that’s not true because she can.

Lots of people have little yappy dogs, and dogs aren’t even allowed here.

Still this place is a million times better than my last one. Most of the people here seem very nice when I run into them, but I wish for once in my life I could get a normal person living above me.

I suspect we’re the most annoying household in our neighborhood, with four kids who can be noisy and a new dog who enjoys barking at the soccer ball that we kick around when playing with her. At least we’re not drunks or have a meth lab, or yell TOO much at the kids.

I don’t even know who my neighbors are, and I’ve lived in this building for 3 years. They’ve never done anything to bother us. I will miss them, whoever they are.

I don’t really know my neighbors on either side of us, but given what little interaction we’ve had with them, they’re both/all nice, quiet, and pretty much the perfect neighbors. One one side we have a middle-aged Asian couple, and on the other side a younger Asian couple with a little girl. The worst thing about them is that the younger couple has a spastic dog that sometimes barks a lot, but it’s not really that annoying (it doesn’t do it at night or anything). I’m quite happy with them and I hope they stay a long time.

I just wish the guy across the street would sell his house to some nice folks. Right now it’s a rental and we keep getting the unending parade of people who keep trying to fit way too many people in there, which means too many cars, teenagers standing around in the yard smoking and texting, and that kind of thing. Still not really bad in the greater scheme of things, but I fantasize about him selling it to a nice couple of nerdy engineers or something. I don’t think it’ll happen, though, sadly.

We’re very fortunate that we have really great neighbors for the most part. Friendly, but not too friendly. Minimal dog barking: mostly from 5-6 pm when a lot people are arriving home from work. Only once have I had to ask the teen boys next door to turn their music down because it was just too loud while they were working on their car.

We’ve had fighters and drunks in the past, but at the moments it’s a nice group.

I haven’t had much in the way of irritation from my neighbors. Once in a while you get the loud party at 1AM in the morning on a Friday night, but that is probably only once or twice a year. There was the annoying neighbor who kept parking all manner of trailers and junk in front of my house in positions which blocked me from even putting out my trash cans, but fortunately she has moved away, hooray!

I will say that living in the suburbs or country, is much better than living in the city when it comes to having annoying neighbors. I have lived in both Hong Kong and San Francisco at various times, and when you live in an apartment, you are never alone. You can smell what the neighbors are eating, you can hear what they are watching on TV, you can hear how often they have sex (man, that one is the worst), and you know when they are having insomnia and pacing around.

This, except plus two dogs and minus the soccer ball. We did get a bark collar for the outside dog, though, so he wouldn’t wake the lovely couple next door. And even though we’re the loudest family on the block (only 12 houses, one young childless couple, us, and the rest older than 55,) our neighbors seem to like us. We don’t have block parties or anything, but we take casseroles when there’s a death in the family, trade produce over the back fence, help with heavy lifting when Mr. P forgets that he’s 80 and can’t move the dresser by himself, that sort of thing. The neighbors also like the added security of having a cop right here, since even petty criminals are usually smart enough to avoid burglarizing homes within plain sight of a patrol car.

The worst we deal with from our neighbors are Mr. P’s obsessive lawn care (he cuts grass twice a week, so Tony just takes Claritin daily to deal with that allergy,) and the dotty old lady across the street who mistook “I’ll be glad to drive you to the doctor/grocery/pharmacy” for “I’ll be glad to provide full-time chauffeur service.” Fortunately, Mrs. L’s daughter finally twigged to the fact that her mom just couldn’t live alone anymore, so I’m not being called for multi-hour errands 2-3 times a week anymore.

There are 3 houses to the left if you stand on my front porch. None of them have ever come over. One of them owns a dog and has talked to PandaKid and appears nice. The other drives a school bus and seems to be pretty cool.

There are 3 houses directly across the street. PandaKid has talked to the 2 little boys in one of the houses but nobody has ever talked to us.

The house on the right is a lovely married couple, mowed our lawn for us a couple of times (without being asked) before we got our riding lawn mower. We’ve gone over to their place a time or two and chatted. They’re great.

I wish our other neighbors would talk to us (we’re really nice people! Srsly!) but they don’t hassle us, so I’m ok with things as they are.

Not in the slightest.

My best friend had spina bifida, and when we would be out and about it became obvious to me that some people just don’t know how to react to someone with crutches or a wheelchair. Older people in particular; I guess in their day people with disabilities just didn’t go out in public or something.

Or, maybe they’re just assholes.

There’s one which makes me want to go across the hallway, ring his bell and say “excuse me, do you realize that every time you yell at your children that they’re stupid and useless, what you’re doing is convince them that they are stupid and useless? How do you expect them to improve when they’re constantly being yelled at about how stupid and useless they are?”

Hearing him through two walls doesn’t even require the windows to be open :frowning:

My neighbour is a caterer so the smells that waft from her kitchen to mine are often heavenly. The neighbour on the other side screams at her husband and her son all the time. They don’t seem very happy. Luckily there are a couple of dogs on our little section of the street so mine doesn’t stand out as the bark-y-est one.

In our last house we never heard a peep from our neighbours through the 18th century walls but this one, we hear everything. I would have thought Victorian houses had thicker walls than that.

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I think you live next door to Dopers. And they know they’re living next door to a Doper too.