How are people feeling about Discourse?

Has this been answered? The same function is in Discourse only it’s in thread. Right after the first post there’s a drop box arrow that opens a list of frequent posters. Click on a posters icon and up comes a profile with “x replies in this topic”, click that to sort out just their replies. It basically shows the thread with everyone besides that poster hidden.

Huh, you don’t even need to do that. Click on a poster’s icon in thread and it has that “x posts in this topic”.

That’s not how I used it in vBulletin. i used it when I wanted to:

  1. find out if someone posted to the thread
  2. find a post by someone I was pretty sure posted.

But yes, it’s been answered, and yes, the summary at the top of the thread is usually good enough, although it seems to not include all the less-frequent posters to the thread. (or maybe I haven’t learned how to expand that.)

The discussion about the @ function is kind of irrelevant, though, because vBulletin, IIRC, did not have shout-outs. Seems like we got along fine without it.

(I am curious what you get when you @eschereal yourself.)

It’s relevant because the same broken search functionality is used if you want to pm or search for a user.

Did you get a notification from @ing yourself? @DemonTree

I did not.

Sorry I haven’t been around. I needed to take a break. I tend to get too involved, you know, like the parent who is “coaching” a bit too fervently from the sidelines during a game … that’s completely my bad, not y’alls. :two_hearts:

As for as the name @ mentioning issue, I suggest it would be much easier to process that feedback if it was in a distinct topic in the #site-feedback category? One way to accomplish this: a moderator could use the admin wrench :wrench: on this topic, select the posts, then use the “split” function to split those out into a new topic?

Ultimately what matters to me, and what we strive to encourage in the Discourse software, is aggregate community happiness. I hope we have recruited a set of solid community mods to replace the dearly departed Tuba Diva :cry: … the flexibility and malleability of software is incredible, and it is extremely satisfying to tend to your digital garden, but moderators are the most important element of any community. By far.

Welcome back, codinghorror!

So glad to see you back. Thank you for all the help and technical advice you give here.

Welcome back! A vacation can do a body (and a mind) a lot of good.

I think you’ll find our group collectively much more settled in than the last time you were fielding feedback.

No need to allocate blame to anyone but me. I’ll take it all, because it’s true – my strength (I’m very enthusiastic about our software!) is also my weakness (I’m perhaps too enthusiastic about our software!)

If you’re looking for issues to tackle, one of our hotter topics is the weird way @{autocomplete} doesn’t work. It may be a database indexing issue, or it may just be a challenge with our 99.44% long-dead inactive user list containing way too much noise and not enough signal.

But it flat doesn’t work for most attempts against most usernames. But works just often enough on just enough other usernames to drive folks bananas.

Yes, as I mentioned above, we need a dedicated topic for that one, so it should be split out from this kitchen sink topic it is currently in (or start a new one with examples).

Hi @codinghorror ! (Yes, that autocompleted just fine, TYVM!)

Yes, Welcome back! Ooooooh have we missed you Lo! these many months! And Ooooooh! have we got a backlog of pent-up moans and bitches to lay on you now! The mods are going to have to assign us rationed appointed days and hours to lay them all out, like getting Covid jabs! You’ll be months digging out! :evil-leering-Snidely-Whiplash-grin: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Spoken like a true Zen Master!

Aha! Maybe codinghorror knows something about psychology that you don’t! It turns out that “rewards” for “desired” behaviors that happen only sporadically are far more reinforcing that “rewards” that happen every time. This works for people as well as other animals. In the animal-training world, this is called “random interrupted (or variable) reinforcement” and every performing animal trainer knows about it. (Right, @dolphinboy?) In the people-training world, this is a well-known reason why people get so fond of gambling.

Hey @codinghorror, are you going to re-instate your cool avatar?

We need a longer period of time to review long posts for typos to edit them.

Maybe the length of the edit window for any post should be proportional to the length of the post. :slight_smile:

The problem is that we currently don’t have an active admin–just someone holding down the fort, which is why you were getting so many requests that would have been more appropriate for an admin to tackle by changing settings.

We haven’t ever had more than one admin since our old site was hacked.

Welcome back, and I hope you’ll tell us before you need to take a break next time, so we’re not left speculating.