How are the sequels to "Bridge of Birds"?

Subterranean Press has put out a volume that collects the Master Li/Number Ten Ox books (I think it’s out of print already, but my bookstore still had a couple of copies). I’ve only read “Bridge of Birds”, and thought it was good-but-not-great. How are the remaining novels in the series?

I did buy a copy of the book, so I guess what I’m really asking is how far up in my reading queue I should put it.

Off the top of my head - I think there were 3 books. I enjoyed the first two quite a bit, thought the third one sort of fell apart. Unable to check out more details for you right now. Try Amazon. The author’s Barry Hughart, right?

I thought they were wonderful, but I thought the first one was great, so you may not agree. I really do urge you to read ‘The Story of the Stone’, though. I thought it was the best of the three, and how I wish I could kick the asses of whatever bureaucrats who discouraged Hughart from continuing his writing career.

Yep. It’s sounding like I should just stick the volume at the end of the queue and get around to it someday.

First class series, although #3 is the weakest.
But, no matter.
still head & shoulders above most of what’s out there.