How are you supposed to drink a French Lemonade, aka Citron Pressé?

If you’ve never had one this is how the prepare a lemonade. The squeeze about 5 fresh lemons into a high ball glass (taking up about 2/5 of the glass), and serve it up with a carafe of chilled water and a bowl of table sugar.

Now, the way i drink it is by pouring some of the water into the glass until it is full, and adding a liberal amount of sugar. Then I drink some and add more water, drink a little more add water. As you might expect the first 15 or so drinks are very bitter.

I was wondering if there was some proper method of drinking it that I do not know about. If there is, I cannot figure it out.

try and remember how much sugar you normally use, or at least that is what I used to do =)

or cheat and use a miracle fruit first and chug it down plain :smiley:

Having observed Parisian pavement cafes in depth, I believe the correct form is to shout over to the waiter, “Hey, Pierre, what is this crap? I wanted lemonade! Get me a Sprite, vite.”