How bad is late night Japanese TV?

I heard it’s pretty perverted. But, depending who you talk to, it might be hardcore porn or just dumb game shows like MXC.

Also, what time does the dirty stuff come on? I hear after 11pm.

What do you mean by dirty? In France and Italy, you get full XXX porn past 1am (unless they’ve stopped since last I was there). I’m not sure that Japanese TV even has nipples, but they do have shows like Miniskirt Police, which are composed entirely of shots of scantily clad women in tantalizing positions.

Overall, Japanese TV does a major switchover at around 11pm where it goes from talk shows and soap operas to…well pretty much just any crazy thing they can think of to get you to stop changing the channel. Prime time is so short – since by 11pm it’s already really time to get to bed – that their only interest is to grab your attention quickly so that you won’t change to a different channel. Hence you get some T&A but mostly it’s all people doing crazy and stupid stuff while dressed like a bozo.