How bad will it be on Inauguration Day?

I’m a little worried about it. I live in DC proper. At least the Airbnbs and the nearest large hotel aren’t renting. I figure I’ll just hunker down Wednesday.

I would too if I were you; and do “snowstorm shopping” in the next few days. I see also that pretty much all Metro stations in downtown/Mall/CapHill will be closed from the weekend to Thursday at least.

It’s kind of incredible in a civilized country that this would be even remotely controversial under these circumstances. But you can bet that somebody will be screaming “ma rights!” and filing a lawsuit.

I work for state government, I’m going nowhere near our agency HQ which is relatively close to the state capitol and might itself be a target. Here is what’s going on our capitol:

There was a standoff at the governor’s mansion on January 6 by protestors, who got through a locked gate.

I’m telling, it’s a great time to work for the government. :unamused:

Making me feel safe and comfy. I can stand at my dining room windows and see my state Capitol less than a mile away. No garage, have to park my car on the street. My governor thinks unbridled open carry is just fine. Should be a great week at Chez BBBoo.

Washington has more members of Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights than any other state; just about 2000 members in the two “areas” around Seattle. (Map is a little ways down the page):