How best to keep abreast with new technologies?

I must admit to having fallen critically behind on the latest and greatest re: PCs, software, PDAs, MP3s, ripping CDs, audio files, and other gizmos/advances. Heck, I don’t even know how to download an MP3.

Can you recommend a reader friendly publication that will get me up to speed? I’m not looking for a dissertation, just a magazine that gives me the esssentials. Lotsa pictures would be great.

How best to keep abreast with new technologies?

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Stay abreast here.


Magazines. Sound&Vision is fairly good; I used an issue for research before buying my first mp3 player. Since I usually research specific technology before I buy it, I don’t know too much, but it’s probably a more helpful answer than you’ve already seen. Go to a magazine rack and pick up a few technology or gadget magazines, and look through them. Most articles in mainstream magazines have a lead that eases you into its subject matter, so it shouldn’t alienate you too much.

Look for a cable channel called “TechTV”.

It has a couple good shows that will help immediately - ‘Call for Help’ & ‘The Screensavers’.

It’s just what you need. - JC

There are several web sites that tend to give really good technical news… Stuff like CNet, Google’s News Search, Salon, etc, work very nicely…