How big is Captain America?

This site say 5’11" and 195 lbs

and this site says 6’2" 240 lbs

…and finally I distinctly remember a Daredevil comic where Captain America is chaisng Daredevil and Daredevil’s super hearing detects (via the noises objects make that support him as he moves) that Captain America weighs 300 lbs.

The word in the medical community is that he’s hung like a hamster due to anabolic steroid abuse.

He’s big enough to take care of you, pal.

I’m sure Mrs. Captain America is satisfied.

Given that he was considered too scrawny for the Army, I am betting he isn’t over six feet tall—the Army would have taken him.
I know some competitive lifters that are around 5’10" or so, and they top out at around 230 lbs, mostly…the ones that don’t pad it with fat, that is. Given that the Supersoldier formula might allow him to pack on more muscle than a normal lifter (and given that I recall him curling 400lbs in one issue of Avengers), let’s say he probably weighs in around 250-260lbs, less than 5% of it body fat.

Certainly not as big as Wolverine, who has TWO big-budget summer blockbusters to his credit already! :wink:

Seriously, isn’t he normally depicted as being taller than the vast majority of men around him? That would argue for him being over 6 feet. I seem to remember him looking up only to Thor, who’s huge.

How scrawny would he have needed to be to not qualify for the Army during the wartime buildup? I’m not a WW2 expert, but I saw plenty of scrawny little guys in those old newsreels.

The Super Soldier Serum probably made him a lot taller, as well as building his muscle mass. I always imagined Cap to be over six feet.

Most transformations in the Marvel universe add height in addition to mass so even if he was 3’7" and thirteen pounds at his initial Army physical, he’s probably about 6’2" and 250lbs now.

I remember this, too. It was near the end of that great Frank Miller Born Again arc. Still, 300 lbs. does seem a tad much. I’d go with the Marvel Directory on this.

Mavel Directory took all of it’s info from The Official Hanfbook of the Marvel Universe, jpublished my Marvel, so I’d go with it too.

As far as that difference in weights, Maybe DD was sensing Cap’s big ol’ shield, and his chainmail costume has to ad quite a few pounds too.

Now where’s my No-Prize?

Ive seen a clip of the comic (or at least a flashback) where the super-soldier serum was administered, and Cap did indeed gain height.

Of course, he may weigh more than his body size would indicate, if he has super-dense bones or something. I mean, he effectively has super-toughness as well as strength.