How big is Paul Newman? (snicker)

on imdb it lists his height as 5’8 or something to that effect, but my dad says it’s more like 5’1. who’s right?

I met him a couple of years ago and he’s definitely taller than 5’1". I would actually agree with the 5’8" number.

5’8" is short for a man. 5’1" is extremely short. I used to have a girlfriend who was 4’11" and she was TINY!!

5’8" sounds the most likely.

This photo shows him 2-3 inches shorter than Robert Redford. Since Redford is exactly my height (I stood next to him once), and I’m 5’ 9", that makes Newman about 5’6."

I was within a couple feet of him at a race in Watkins Glen in the early 70s. He was a couple inches shorter than me (I’m 5’-8" - or I was back then. Gravity has not been kind.), so I’d agree with the 5’-6" estimation. He’s probably at least an inch shorter than that now, though, since you shrink as you age.

While Reality Chuck’s logic is sound I have to disagree with the conclusion. Mr. Newman was a client at a business I worked for in the early 90’s. I am 5’6" and he was more than a couple of inches taller than I am - though not much more.

Or maybe I was so dazzled by his charming manner and amazingly blue eyes that he just seemed taller. - just re-read singular1’s post.

RealityChuck’s picture does make it seem like Newman is a few inches shorter than Redford, but by the way they’re standing, you can’t tell for sure. Newman looks like he’s slouching a bit, and the way he’s holding his hand suggests that he’s lowered his head, too.

They can and do do stuff in movies to make an actor seem taller than he really is, but without fancy modern special effects, they wouldn’t be able to make a 5’1" guy look average height. Especially over the course of the many movies that Newman has made.

I would think that the height in the bio is the same as the one he gave out several decades ago and does not necessarily match his current condition.

Although I’m 5’7" today, I know for a fact I won’t be in 30 years. I don’t really know when (if ever) I’ll get out of the habit of automatically answering that I’m 5’7" when asked.

It really freaked me out the first time I noticed that my 80 year old Dad, who used to be 5"11", is now shorter than me. He has osteoporosis and has fractured a couple of vertebrae, which does not help in maintaining height.

It’s probably worth pointing out here that people’s perception of someone elses height is influenced by the respect that you have for that person. Someone that you look up to emotionally will seem a little taller than they really are.

I’m 5’1" and Paul Newman is definitely taller than I am. I only saw him across a racetrack, but he was standing next to a bunch of “normal” sized men and he was not significantly shorter than most of them. When I stand next to a bunch of normal sized men, I look like a 10-year-old.