How big is your bladder? (Not GQ)

Mine? Small. Very small.

If I’m drinking a lot of water, coffee, alcohol, or soda it doesn’t take me long before I need to piss.

Measured from full I usually begin “urgency” at 8 ounces.

Fun fact though, I once urinated 13.8 liters of pee in one day. It was a contest (longer story), and I had a lot of bathroom breaks.

As a bonus: What’s the longest you’ve ever peed? My best friend and I skipped school to see Star Wars Episode:I and he bought a large soda. Big mistake, since he refused to miss a scene until the credits started rolling. He bolted out as soon as the movie was over, was happily peeing when I finally waltzed in, and continued until after I was out.

I don’t know how you big bladder people do it.

This is the kind of thing that varies widely among humans. And those who can hold it in all day don’t understand those who can’t (and vice versa).

Mine’s pretty small (I guess), as well. At almost every public place I’m likely to be at for more than 20 minutes or so, I scope out where the restroom is, or ask. I know where the bathrooms are at every big-box store and discount outlet in which my wife likes to shop.

I will ask anyone anywhere if I may use their bathroom. I cannot physiologically afford to have issues about it. Further, I have no problems with scoping out the areas behind an “Employees Only” sign to find a restroom in a time of need (though I will invariably seek to ask an employee when feasible).

On long road trips? For the well-travelled interstate hops within about a 3-hour radius, I have learned where all the available bathroom stops are … and how far apart they are. Thankfully, there are enough towns along the routes that I never have to just pull over and go behind a bush :smiley:

Mine is very small, though I don’t know the exact size. I get up to go to the bathroom at least 3 or 4 times during the night. I need to talk to my doctor about it.

I usually pee in the morning, and at night. Usually, one more time mid-day, but not always. If I’m out drinking beer, a few more times.

Pea-sized. snerk

OK, it doesn’t sound as bad as some of y’all, but I seem to go much more often than most people I know. Every few hours, more if I’m drinking lots of liquid.

I’ve filled a (UK) one-pint milk carton in one burst before now, and was still going when it was brim-full. Just out of curiosity, y’know.

However - and I remember asking a GQ about this before - often when I feel an urgent need to go, there’s only 20 or 30 seconds’ worth there, a pretty small volume. Why is it that sometimes when you have an urgent need to go, the bladder is clearly holding a lot less than it can do, while other times you don’t feel that much need to go but pee like a carthorse when you do?

BTW I went camping at the weekend, and woke up about 5am needing to go. However, it was raining hard, and I didn’t want to get out of my nice warm sleeping bag. After a few minutes of wondering whether it was worth it, my brain beat my bladder into submission and I went back to sleep. I woke up about 8am and needed to go, although not with any huge urgency. But when I got to the bathroom, I timed it at 1 minute and 21 seconds in one continuous flow, plus a few bonus squirts afterwards. Quite a good performance, I thought, and I’d estimate the volume at considerably more than a pint. :slight_smile:

I despise public restrooms, so I have a huge bladder capacity. I once made it from Minneapolis to Mandan, North Dakota without having to take a leak.

Hmm, about the size of a walnut? I usually abstain from all fluids the day of an exam. After a 3-hour drive during which my then-boyfriend claimed to understand my bodily needs better than I do (“You don’t really have to pee,” “You’re not really thirsty, you can’t stop for water.”) I’m careful who I get in a car with. Fortunately, my future MIL likes frequent stretch stops.

I also can’t go to downtown areas. I almost fainted in D.C. last summer because I hadn’t been drinking water. Starschmucks makes you buy something – THAT WILL MAKE ME PEE MORE!!! And their pastries are so bad for you.

I’m 23 years old. I do not want adult freakin’ diapers. Grrrr.

So I’m not the only one mis-equipped with a hamster bladder.

I drink a lot of coffee in the morning (too much to be sure) and once the seal is broken, I go about every half-hour. Ditto when boozing.

Usually wizz twice in the middle of the night and I always make a latrine visit before heading out the door to go anywhere.

Before 1989 it was less than 100ml, then over time it increased to around 400ml, then beginning somewhere around 1996 it gradually decreased to around 200ml, then in June 1999 it increased to 240ml, but since August 2006 it maxes out at around 500ml.

Daily output volume is in the region of 3-4 litres.

I’m pretty sure it’s rather large. I tend to have to stop for bathroom breaks a lot less frequently than people around me. I also don’t go if I have only a small urge, so that probably cuts down on some of it.

I don’t have to get up during a typical night, which is nice.

I reckon about 1.5 pints, but 1 pint is the limit of comfort.

If I am drinking beer then I will tend not to go for a pee until after I’ve drunk two pints, but then I’ve ‘broken the seal’ and will need to pee about once or more per pint.

Also, when I’ve gotta go, I’ve gotta go. It’s absolute agony to keep it in, When I was 17 I had to piss off the side of the Maid of the Mist at Niagra when the spray was all around because there wasn’t a toilet on board. I filled two water bottles under a newspaper on my lap on an 8-hour bus journey in India - but worst of all was stopping a bus with about 90 people on it on the way to a festival in Ireland. As I left the bus I thought “I can’t be the only one”, so I shouted “potty break”, and nobody followed me, so I peed in a field on my own with 90 people laughing at me.

I tend to wake up every single night to pee, around 4 or 5. There have been two nights in my entire adult memory where I slept all the way through (both since I’ve been living alone), and they were remarkable occurrences.

I was going to start this thread myself. I had drank a bunch of beer, fallen asleep on the couch, then woke up having to pee. I went back to sleep again, and the second time I woke up, peed in a plastic container I had calibrated. I think my bladder measured something like 18 ounces. I may have to test it again. The best way is to test one’s maximum capacity is to take a pee after driving for 200 miles.

It’s weird. I definitely use the bathroom 6-8 times in a day, so I feel like I go frequently when it’s available to me. But if going to the bathroom isn’t really an option, I don’t think about it and I can hold it in for long periods of time.

For example, I go to a lot of baseball games, and I’m a die-hard fan. For a Dodger weeknight game, I might go to the bathroom right before I leave work at, say, 4pm. I’ll ride the train home, pick up my car, drive back to the stadium, have a soda and probably a bottle of water while I’m there, and then drive home. This means I get to the bathroom again by about 11:30pm (I refuse to leave my seat during a game to go to the bathroom). And I won’t experience any sense of urgency until I’m pulling into my garage. And I drink a LOT during the course of a work day (four or five half-liter bottles of Crystal Geyser and usually a can or two of soda).

I’ve never given any thought to measuring the size of my bladder. I know that, generally speaking, if I arrive at a stall at the same time as another guy, I will usually not be there as long.

Crap, I took a bus from Belfast to Dublin. I was under the distinct impression that international buses are required to have bathrooms, so I had a couple of pints of Guinness before I hopped onto the bus. Much to my dismay, I discovered that there was no bathroom on board. What the fuck was that all about? Now this is something like a 3 hour bus ride. Fortunately, there was one stop where the bus driver said that I had 3 minutes, so I sprinted to the loo and let her fly. If the bus took off with my luggage, so be it. Luckily, I made it back on board.

First of all: What a weird thread. (You would think I’d be used to it by now, but…no.)

Second of all:

Belfast to Dublin is international? From Northern Ireland to Ireland? I think of “international” as, say, France to Greece.

There’s a lot of variation in human equipment. Quality control is not our species’s strong point. Even so, what seems like a small bladder is sometimes incomplete emptying of a normal-size bladder. It sure was, in my case.

After I got a laser procedure on my prostate, I peed 1 liter in my urologist’s office. His ultrasound device determined that I still had about 100 ml left in the bladder. These days, I am seldom on a frantic search for a restroom.

May I ask what led you to have that procedure? How did you discover you had a problem?


How big is the container on the end of the line when they put a foley catheter into your bladder? I filled a couple of them once. The nurses seemed impressed.