How Can a Banned Poster be Logged into the Dope?

I was just skimming along reading things on the Dope, when I noticed that one of the Dopers I tend to read now sported a “BANNED” label under his name.

But the green button indicating that he’s logged in, is still there.

Is this a matter of a time lag between a justified banning and when it takes effect, or is it possibly a mistake?

FTR: the poster in question is fishbicycle. I don’t see anything in his recent posting that would explain a banning, but I know that’s not always indicative. It is not my intention to even ask why someone’s been banned, just wondering about the idea of someone being BANNED and still logged in.

And kinda hoping it’s an error.

My husband can still log in although his subscription lapsed a long time ago. He just can’t post. I imagine it’s the same for banned posters.

We’re investigating.