Why am I "banned?"

This is probably an AOL problem, but for the last half hour, trying to surf (using the ‘go to last post’ button) or post to the Dope gets me a message that my IP address has resulted in messages that I’ve been banned by the administrator. Since I’ve gotten no warnings and in fact been able to post - through Internet Explorer - plus the lack of a “Marley’s ass is toast” thread and no “BANNED” under my name, I assume that I’m not banned. Anybody else ever had this problem, or a guess as to why it’s going on? I’ve e-mailed the webmaster address, but in the meantime, I’m confused. And a little insecure, I suppose. :wink:

Lemme see, we’re chasing after a repeat offender.

Didn’t mean to get you, though. Sorry.


I’m getting the same thing. Clicking on some threads gives me the banned message, clicking on others brings up the thread normally. :confused:

That’s a great relief, and everything seems to be fixed now. Thanks very much.