So was I the only one who got banned yesterday?

If so, what happened?

If not, what happened?

We didn’t get any other complaints that I know of. You don’t have to post this information - you could private message it to me or email the staff - but were you posting from a new place? If so, maybe the IP address of that place is on our banned list.

I don’t mind posting my response here if you don’t have a preference otherwise. But no. I was attempting to post from home as I always do (both from my laptop and desktop, but both through the same router so I guess that’s the same IP?).

I sent an email to the webmaster assuming it was another one of those tech issues where everyone is banned, but I was surprised to be still banned 11 hours later. So I sent another email, a little more concerned. Never got a response but now, trying again some 24 hours later obviously something resolved itself.

I’m not sure what to make of that. Are you posting from home now? We haven’t banned any IP addresses in the last couple of days, and from what I can tell we haven’t banned any IP addresses close to yours.

Yep, posting from home.

Very mysterious. If I didn’t have the emails to the webmaster in my sent folder I’d question whether I dreamed it.

Maybe one of the capybaras was in a mood.

(and yes, if using the same router your desktop and laptop would be the same IP as seen by the board)

There was no outage that I was aware of. I don’t think we’ve changed any settings on this end.

Not sure what’s going on. Haven’t heard from anyone else yet so it must not have been a widespread thing, whatever it was.

Okay, I’m stumped.

I fell into an IP ban once. Apparently my internet provider assigned me an new IP address which was banned. I did an
ipconfig /renew

and picked up a new address. I was fine after that.

Let’s face it Moe. The Mods don’t really like you.

Yeah, I was wondering if I should be taking a hint.

But after a little back and forth emailing with the webmaster it seems that… well, no one has any idea what happened.

(I’m NOT crazy. It happened! I swear!!)


I suspect Curly.

Slowly I turned…

♪ ♫
Moe, Moe, Moe…
Why don’t you like me?
Nobody likes me!
♪ ♫

Apparently it turned out fine.

My name is Moe Szyslak. When I was a kid I had round worm - Heck, I was more worm than boy for a couple of years - I dabbled in Satanism until I was asked to leave, oh, and one month I ate nothing but aquarium fish.

Step by step…

Someone was mysteriously and inexplicably banned and Marley23 was the first mod to respond …

Is no one else suspicious? :dubious:

At first I gave it no thought. I mean, people get banned all the time. Trolls, spammers, socks… nothing you’d see on the 11 o’clock news…

…until I noticed the username in the upper right hand corner: “Welcome Moe”. I quickly redirected my gaze over to the middle of the screen where the banned message coldly sat like a low level telephone customer service rep drunk with power…

… and then back at the username in the upper right hand corner…

… back to the banned message… and then again to the username…

“HEY”, I thought (and perhaps vocalized unwittingly). “That’s MY username!”…

That’s when it dawned on me that I was, at least for the moment, dopeless.

That’s MISTER Fine to you!



100 Quatloos says it was Shemp! :stuck_out_tongue:
(He always seemed to have a grudge, IMHO.)