How can anyone vote for Trump in 2020? No. But Seriously

Dead seriously. What has Trump done in the past four years? After you fail that question, what has he done that’s been positive?

He has upset liberals.

He has kept liberals from enacting their agenda.

He has appointed conservative judges to the courts.

He’s strong and fearless and has shown the nation and the world who’s boss.

And there are people who simply agree with him, personally and politically.

Plus, look, think back to Obama. What would you think about him if the only media you watched and believed was Fox News and Breitbart? That is true for a lot of people.

(Although this does make me wonder something I’ve wondered for a long time: Trump detractors think he’s stupid. Does that mean supporters think he’s smart? Same with “incompetent,” “selfish,” “uninterested in the best interests of the nation.”)

Before the virus hit, Black unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, and Female unemployment were at multi-decade lows.

And before the iceberg hit, the Titanic was making great time.

Sadly, we don’t live in a world where the virus didn’t happen. And the virus made it abundantly clear that Trump is incapable of leading the country through any kind of challenge.

Only his 'base is voting FOR Trump. But lots of other people may vote against the Democrats.

In other words, this is a ‘lesser of two evils’ election. Or as I like to put it, the lesser of two absolute horror shows.

And the way things are going, the majority may simply vote for whoever promises to stop the violence and make the streets safe again.

What are you going to do? It’s a two-party system.

He’s racist and they know it.

That’s pretty much it for a large number of his base. No further thinking required.

Most successful foreign policy president in 30 years.

Every president has stated he wanted NATO partners to meet their treaty obligations. Only Trump has made real progress.

Every president, as a candidate, said he’d move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Only Trump got it done.

Every president wanted more Arab states to recognize Israel. Trump is the first to get anything serious done since Carter.

When Iran shot down a drone, the Pentagon and foreign policy establishment wanted Trump to respond militarily. Trump declined. Later, when he saw the chance to take out Iran’s top general, he did. The same establishment claimed this would lead to a full-scale war; Trump was right, they were wrong.

When Turkey wanted to cross the border into Syria, the same establishment swore this would lead to genocide, and wanted Trump to go to war with a NATO member. Trump declined, and nothing like genocide happened.

Above all, he has resisted the urge to get involved militarily overseas. First president to do that since… Carter, maybe? Eisenhower? Hoover?

When you ignore your feelings and what you think of his tactics and just look at the actual results, it’s clear that he’s defied the Washington consensus about foreign policy multiple times, and AFICT been right every single time.

Also the first president to get serious criminal justice reform.

Whoever makes the streets safe for WASP males you mean. Big difference. It’s been less than safe for the rest of us since he got elected.

My parents will not vote for a pro-choice candidate no matter what, even if the President is a huge racist and is vulgar and all that.

I am fully aware Trump is pro-choice and he simply flipped in 2016 or so to run for President. They don’t care. He’s pro-life now and that is all that matters. End of story.

If you mean his cronies and co-conspirators get sweet justice deals, I guess that is one interpretation.

Otherwise Obama signed off on criminal justice reforms. Trump just takes credit for what was already there. Per usual.

Trump stopped travel from China, and was accused of racism for it. Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House and the mayor of New York went on TV and encouraged people to gather in Chinatown and celebrate the lunar new year. And Trump was not the one who ordered nursing homes to accept Covid patients.

In two years, Trump reduced Black unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, and female unemployment more than his predecessor did in eight years. If he wants to hurt minorities, he’s doing it wrong.

Citation please. Pretty sure violent crime was going down 2016-20, for victims of all races.

If you want to blame Trump for the current spike in violence, exclusively in democrat-run cities with a strong BLM presence, well go on with that I guess.

See below cite. The crime rate was going up 2016, long before BLM. Probably a message for you there.

Issues: crime rate

Trump Wrong on Crime Record

As requested. Although this is P & E, I don’t have to give a cite.

This talking point as always been so incredibly stupid that before the 2016 election, when I still had some respect for the US electorate, I wouldn’t have believed people would think it’s valid.

The unemployment rate — including for black Americans — has been steadily decreasing since 2011. This continued after Trump took office, suggesting there isn’t much evidence he is single-handedly responsible for the decline. One might argue Trump deserves praise for overseeing the continued drop in unemployment, as he could have made harmful decisions that reversed the direction of the economy. But again, factors beyond the president’s actions also helped keep the economy moving in the right direction.

Regardless, the Post poll shows black Americans aren’t impressed enough with the president’s handling of the economy and are so displeased with his administration overall that they want him defeated in November. According to the poll, nearly 9 in 10 black voters said it is important to them personally that Trump not win a second term.

Did others make mistakes? Sure. But Trump is the leader of the country which, as of yesterday, accounted for more than 24% of COVID cases and 21% of deaths with less than four percent of the global population.

That’s not leadership, that’s criminal negligence.

Riiiight. He’s a real statesman question mark.

Economically Im conservative but I would vote for Karl Marx before I would vote for Trump because the only ideology Trump understands is Trumpism.