How can C.S.I. suck so much?

Is this the most unrealistic cop show ever? I watched it after Survivor tonight and just kept cringing at what they were doing. I think they need to do a cross-over with Law & Order…

Well, to begin with, (ab)using a Who tune for its theme is a heck of a start. Some of the methods depicted are state of the art. Sadly, that cannot be said about the acting or scripts.

I’m with you. What’s with that acting, anyway? Some of those actors have done a lot of high quality work in the past, particularly Petersen, Helgenberger and Guilfoyle. Why are they all coming together to suck in unison now? Maybe the scripts are just too crappy to rescue, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen shows with worse dialogue that was delivered better than that. Hell, blame it on the directing.


What the hell’s that?

<ducks and runs>

(While y’all watch “Survivor,” I’ll be watching “Gilmore Girls.” Much more interesting.)


It’s very premise is stupid. I was able to manage about 5 minutes of it.

and was disgusted at the lack of “real life” thinking. Cop accused of shooting man he stopped. No bullet found. Cop says man shot self. So far so good. Major evidence? One round missing from magazine. Can anyone say “DUH”? He more than likely had one in the chamber, as a good cop would when pointing a gun at someone. One in chamber equals one missing from mag. Nobody got cops gun and smelled it for a recent discharge, nobody checked powderburns to see if shot fired three feet away or point blank, It took 45 minutes to get some resolution (they found the bullet, no match at ballistics). No wonder OJ is walking. IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!