How can I be a better leader?

I am the president for a political student organization on campus… What can I do to improve my leadership skills?

Any suggestions on what I can do to keep the interest and keep everyone coming back?


Read. Go for the standard fare that every salesperson has in their library: Carnegie, Ziglar, Peters, et. al.

Think about persons who have been influential in your life-contact them and ask for their nugget of wisdom, ‘must read’ books, and so forth.

If you have questions about running a meeting, Robert’s Rules of Order is the text.

Check to see if there is a Toastmaster’s Club in your area. Learn by observing, and then by doing. Good luck.

Don’t be afraid of doing what you ask others to to. Putting postage on letters? Be there. Answering phones? Be there. Making copies? BE there. For any leader I followed, to be a REAL leader, wasn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.

a few nuggets for you:

Lead by example.

Listen. People love to have someone who really listens to them.

Play the Favor game. Do favors for people; you never know when you might need to call one in.

Take opposing viewpoints seriously. Try to reach a compromise.

Trust people until they prove unworthy.

Delegate to people you trust.

Tell people how much you appreciate their work. Do this so as many people as possible hear it. Reward effort.

“Please” and “thank you” really are the magic words.

And, as krisolov said – praise (honest praise, not phony baloney manipulative bullshit) is always appreciated.

A. Have a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished by the group, and clearly convey that vision to your subordinates.
2. Enable your subordinates to accomplish that vision. You’ve got the juice to make things happen; they may not, so use your juice wisely.
3. Trust your subordinates to accomplish that vision. Delegate, etc., then get out of their way. This is like don’t micro-manage.

All that other stuff about being honest and smiling is good too, but big picture you’re a more effective leader if you remember who you’re working for - you are working for the people you’re leading, not someone above you. There’s a reason they need a leader.

D. Bring burritos and beer.

Actually, delegate that. But there must be burritos and beer.

Rule with an Iron Fist, but be fair in every aspect. Shitty tasks get spread around as well as praise, but never let them forget who the top dog is. Sprinkle donuts and bear claws on Mondays a plus.