How can I buy Aladdin on DVD?

I understand that it hasn’t been released (at least in the US), but I saw it advertised on Ebay from a Canadian seller. How and where can I get one? Thanks. (Btw, there are no more for sale on Ebay)

Are you sure you were seeing the Disney Aladdin on e-Bay? There are a ton of different versions of “Aladdin” out there.

Or maybe, if it was the Disney Aladdin, it was some kind of homemade video-to-DVD pirated version? Since the Disney DVD isn’t due out until January 2004, I’d have to suspect that any Disney Aladdin on DVD would be illegal in some way.

The only Disney full length animated features that have been released elsewhere but not in the US that I know of are “The Rescuers” and “Sleeping Beauty.” Both in Europe (region 2 & PAL) which were released quite some time ago. Damn!

“Alladin” and “The Lion King” were to put in a Disney box set but they switched it to their sequels before making them. Double damn!

I see 4 Aladdins in eBay’s DVD section. 3 are not the Disney version and the 4th is a VCD which I would assume comes from Malaysia, at least SE Asia. Now I suppose it could be legit, but I doubt it. Yet it does seem to appear in several web shopping sites devoted to VCD. Hmm? But since it’s VCD there’s a chance it wont play on your DVD player. On my player VCD was locked and it was up to me to find the code (over the net) to unlock the VCD function.

Ok, I messed up. It was only “The Lion King” which was originally going to be in the box set but was switched with its sequel.