How can i change a favicon?

I use Firefox, and somehow, the favicon for SDMB has become the same one as for one of the newspapers in my bookmarks?

How do I get this fixed?

Thanks to all the smarter people than I that know this…

It doesn’t look like the SDMB has a favicon at all (not all websites have them). Mine is set to the default; yours probably is, too.

The favicon is chosen and set by the site. I don’t think you have any say.

Oh, I know it’s set by the site. I used to have the default there, but how would it have gotten switched to one from a completely unrelated site?

It’s annoying more than anything. Is there a file or setting in Firefox that I can reset them through? Maybe that would fix this…

wow this is my first post…yey

anyway i’am not too sure exactly why this happens maybe its due to a bug within firefox but thankfully there is a cure. The following link <hopefully> will take you to a site with a bunch of info on the subject and the solution software.

however please ensure that download the correct software for the version of firefox you are currently using. :slight_smile: