Why is there a CNN icon next to my SDMB bookmark?

Well, there’s the question.

Not sure. We cannot tell what’s going on with your computer.

Putting out the call to the rest of the membership: Anyone else see anything similar?

I see just a generic IE/page favicon here, so I dunno.


I’m using Firefox, which always downloads the favicon.ico website icon (unlike IE, which seems to be inconsistent about it), and all I see is the usual blank sheet of paper icon that is the default for websites that don’t have particular icon set.

Mine puts the Y icon next to mine instead of yahoo. Are you using firefox too?

I use Firefox… This just started today.

I hope I’m not having more spyware problems like last week (or was it the week before). Ah well, off to run a scan.


My SDMB favicon is a SpiderMan, couchant on a field vert.

This is a known bug in Firefox. Actually been around for quite a while.

Thanks for alerting others to the situation; I’ll try to make a note of it as well. Until you said something, I had no clue, but I am no alternative browser expert.


Opera does this as well. It puts the right icons there at first, but after a while they just get all mixed up.

I use Firefox, and the SDMB has a big Fark “F” for an icon. Fark is the icon directly below the SDMB in my bookmarks folder, so I’d always assumed that was the reason for the duplicated icon. Is that the case for others, or is the errant icon from a random bookmark?

Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t know Firefox did that.

Seems to be fixed in the latest Firefox version (1.0.7.) At least I haven’t seen it happen since upgrading to that version.

My own “favicon” used to be Google (naturally, since I use it as my start page.)

I’m using Firefox version 1.0.7 and I have been experiencing the same problem. I have an ‘eBay’ icon next to the SDMB bookmark and many of my other bookmarks have messed up icons. I have found this to be a common problem with many versions of Firefox.

I changed the icon for my website a few hours ago.
Firefox keeps displaying the old icon, Opera does show the new icon.
IE and Netscape don’t display the icon at all. (old or new).

ahhhhhhh … nothing like the “standards” of the Internet.

Odd, I had an icon (non-SDMB) also stamped with a big fat CNN about 4 days ago. I use firefox as well. It was the first icon on my icon toolbar or whatever you call it.

It’s odd that a few people would report this at the same time.

I’m on Firefox 1.07 and I have the CBS logo. It’s a Firefox bug that we have to live with but it’s still better than IE. I am not at all a MS basher at all. My Spyware catchers work way less hard when I run Firefox.

Okay, I’ll be the Microsoft basher. Yes, I gave up using Internet Explorer long ago. That has become “hacker’s heaven”. If Firefox doesn’t update its icons on a regular basis that’s a very small glitch - especially considering that IE doesn’t even display any icons.

My IE displays icons. I run a program called FavOrg that updates favicons, plus it marks favorites that are dead for easy pruning. I think it only works on IE, so Firefox users are on their own.