How can I get the fifth season of 24 on DVD?

We didn’t watch 24 until this season, and we chose to watch each of the first four seasons on DVD before we watch this one. It looks like you can’t buy the fifth season yet. At least not at Amazon or a couple of other places I checked.

So what can we do? We’ve heard that itunes gives you a lower quality product. Does anyone know when it will be released? How about re-runs?

Please, please don’t suggest bootlegs and get this thread shut down before I get an answer. Thanks.

Um, by waiting. They always release the season just past before the next comes out on DVD.

There’s no release date yet, but:
season one was released September 17, 2002 (new season began late October)
season two was released September 9, 2003 (new season began late October)
season three was released December 7, 2004 (new season began in January)
season four was released December 6, 2005 (new season began in January)

AFAIK they’re sticking with the January-May format for airing next season, so you should be able to buy season five in early December.

:confused: Uh, yeah. If it hasn’t been released yet, and you want to get it legally, pretty much your only option is to wait. I’m not sure what other choices you think are out there.

FWIW, iTunes does have all of season 5 for sale, legally and now. I’ve purchased a few videos from the iTMS and they look OK to me, on my 23" widescreen. I’d probably compare the fullsize picture quality to that of a VHS recrded on EP. Not great, especially in the this world of HD, but you’ll never be squinting to figure out what’s going on or anything (and least not any more than you already have to with 24).

That sucks, if we have to go that route. It means we only have one month in which to see the whole season.

Well one thing I mentioned was re-runs. Does anyone know if that’s scheduled any time soon?

And, while I’m not at all offended by your confusion/sarcasm, there are many times when I’m thinking there’s just two ways to skin this cat and I start talking about it and someone comes up wilth something I never would’ve thought of on my own. More so on this board than anywhere else, BTW.

Your best bet is to wait on A&E, who have been showing reruns somewhat of the other seasons recently. I think FX still has a Labor Day marathon where they show the most recent season in its entirety. Otherwise, drop A&E a line and ask them if they will be showing any season 5 episodes before the DVD release.

Thanks, and thanks for proving my point in post #6

Season 5 is re-airing in order every Friday on Fox with two back-to-back episodes beginning June 16.

So I rented Firewall this weekend. After about an hour, I said to myself, “Dang, Mary Lynn Rajskub is darned good-looking!” I couldn’t figure out exactly why, though.

I know I’m not the only doper who feels that way. So, how is it that a fairly plain looking woman can be so attractive?

Nuts. I meant to start a new thread with that post.

I don’t get it. I don’t every recall doing that in previous years, yet this is the second time in recent weeks that I’ve made that mistake. Do we have a “chagrined” emoticon somewhere?

Anyone know if there’s a similar way to season 2 of Lost during the summer?

The network it airs on did summer reruns last year, seemingly in order. I stopped watching by the 4th episode since I was then sure I didn’t like it even giving it a second chance, so I’m not sure they got all the way through before the new season started. I think they did, though.

At the risk of sounding obnoxiously pedantic, allow me to point out that reruns do not fulfill your request as stated in the OP - specifically, the “on DVD” part of the title. I stand by my previous statement. I mean, if reruns do the trick for you, then great, problem solved. It just isn’t what you asked for.

And just so this doesn’t turn into some sort of unwarranted trainwreck…GROUP HUG!!!

Well, there’s always the depraved 24 marathon. Given a 6 disc season and stuff like preparing meals and sleeping, you can do four discs on day one and the last two on day two. That’s the best way to watch 24 IMO.

It seems like season 4 facilitates this better than the earlier ones.

We have a DVD recorder, so if there’s a re-run series coming up, we got it on DVD. I’m OK with the group hug.

Funny you should mention this. We were thinking about matching them hour for hour. If it starts at 7 AM, we start at 7 AM. Each hour has about 15 minutes of commercials which should be more than enough for going to the bathroom, grabbing another cup of coffee, going to the front door to pick up delivery of take-out Chinese.

I think there was a documentary called *Hands on a Hardbody * a few years ago about a contest where the object is to keep at least one hand on a Toyota pickup truck the longest. I think they had 15 minutes off every hour and the winner had to go several days until #2 went psychotic and started clapping her hands in time to gospel music. So if they can go several days at 45 min/ hour so can we. BTW the winner got to keep the truck.

No, but a further hijack. I saw Firewall with my Family, and I saw Rajskub in the opening credits. So I knew that it would be the same Actress. It didnt help that shes already typecasting herself. Anyway, I actually referred to the Her Firewall character as Chloe (by mistake) when telling my mom a plot point she missed. :smack:

Then again, Ive seen 4 and a Half seasons of 24. --I Gave up on the 5th. I still cant get over that the president was himself a mole. I dont care, couldnt happen.