how can I increase my beard growth?

I have facial hair growth, but not quite enough. I need to extend it. I want to look like Thelonius Monk. Is there any acknowledged way for getting around to this?

I understand that Scott Tinnerman will sell you pubes for $10 a baggie.

Not quite an answer to your specific question but he can be reached through the South Park folks and may be able to give you some direction.

Nothing in the OP indicates whether you’re male or female, and whether you’ve reached puberty. I haven’t seen many 10-year-old female Thelonius Monk look-alikes. :wink:

I’m 22 and male. Here is my current status:

That is me in the suit, by the by. I think that’s about two months worth of facial growth so it’s fairly sparse. I heard different suggestions, from shaving often (disliked by miss cactus, the stub rubs the wrong way) and drinking beer for vitamin b (which is out the window since I don’t drink alcohol).

Sorry but only age and genetics help. When I was your age I didn’t even have to shave,now people call me Jesus all the time.

Really? My brother had freakin’ goatee when he was sixteen. And I, now at the ripe ol’ age of seventeen, have barely any. It’s not fair. I can go for weeks without shaving and all I end up with is a patchy neckbeard. Fuck, genetics. ¬_¬;

How long until I can grow a real one? It’s weird-- I don’t actually want a beard, but I resent not having the option.

It’s genetics and taking testosterone might help on a borderline case, but your never going to have a good beard.

I’d count my lucky stars if I didn’t have to shave every day. It is a pain in the butt to shave every morning, especially since a beard is not an option.

Mines to the bottom of my breast bone. I’ve always said the best thing to do is to “soak in cider”.

soak it inside her

Back in the 60’s & 70’s there used to be companies that advertised supplements that supposedly increased beard growth. The supplement was Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). I doubt their claims, but taking extra B5 probably won’t hurt you either.

Extra Biotin might help, well, if you’re not getting enough, it’ll hurt- so hell, it’s more or less harmless as long as you don’t get crazy.

Nizoral shampoo seems to help hair growth on the head a bit. I don’t know about the beard.

I know what you mean, and I know that you mean it, but this is like a woman saying, “You’re so lucky to be so flat chested. I’m tired of being looked at and having to shop for bras.”