How can I search for past TV listings?

Specifically, I’m trying to find a show my daughter was watching on the Disney Channel this past Saturday night (she doesn’t know what it was). I found one site with past listings that has several channels (even including lesser names like OWN), but no Disney. Zap2it has “yesterday” listings, but won’t go back further than that.

If I google “Disney Channel Schedule”, the first hit I get is
…with calendar buttons extending back a week.
Sat 9/29 comes up fine for me, if you can’t see it for some reason, let me know and I’ll transcribe it, or tell me the time.

Have you searched the TVDB?

That would be perfect…except I think it’s for the Canadian version? I checked to see if it matches up with the listings for what’s on tonight in the U.S. (which are available many places) and it does not.

I tried that just now, and didn’t see any listings.

Can she tell you anything about the show? Somebody here might be able to figure it out if you can give us more detail.

Yea, we need clues.

Try this, I think this is the U.S. one. Click on the arrow top right below Day-Week, and there’s a calendar, you can select prior dates.

The other thought I have is that if it’s not a movie, they probably have a similar schedule on the same day each week. Maybe you can figure it out from next Saturday’s listings.

Sorry; I mixed that up with I see a massive listing of shows from last week; do you know anything about it beyond the fact that it was on the Disney Channel?

I checked again and the listings on the app do not match those in **Riemann[/n]'s link, so I don’t know what may be missing. Presumably the network’s own site is authoritative.

Maybe I was wrong to assume it was the Disney Channel. I know at one point she was watching that Bunk’d show, but the one I am looking for features a slightly Latina-looking girl of about 13 or 14 years old who is trying to start a girls basketball team, and challenges a boy from the team to a game of one-on-one.

Is it Raven’s Home? That show has a character named Tess who’s “slightly Latina-looking” and plays basketball.

Makes sense, but none of the episode descriptions seem to fit, unless that was just a minor scene maybe? Thanks for your help!

Hey SlackerInc, what did you think of puddleglum’s suggestion of the show Andi Mack, particularly the scene shown in the second photo here?

If that’s it we can go back to the other thread to continue the discussion.

It was indeed “Andi Mack”, as BigT discovered, although against a different boy than in that photo.

Thanks again, everyone!