How can I watch Survivor 2 in a country where channels don't air it ? ( no spoilers )

I am in a country where Survivor 2 does not air on any tv channel. But i’m so mad tripped on it that i can’t keep off the show’s website. Now i was wondering whether any one of you records episodes of Survivor 2 for future enjoyment or for friends and family that might miss it for some reason ? preferably on their computer through a tv tuner card, and would be kind enough to allow me to view these episodes ? I will gladly download them from you. I am DYING to watch Survivor 2 as it unfolds, but for now i have to sit pretty with reviews posted on the cbs site and a few chicken feed video clips :slight_smile: couldn’t resist the pun :slight_smile:
any volunteers ? thank you, in anticipation.

Sorry I don’t have an answer, but, what country do you live in? I think I may want to move there.

i’m in bombay,india… i understand your stand… i would expect there to be two types…some like me who are hooked and some like you who are cheesed off with losers watchin’ losers lose :slight_smile: but i’m hoping some dude who satiates my desire comes along…and if you do plan to move house here, feel free to email me…cheers…

i dont watch it, but i would like a video of the pig being stabbed, then the guy putting he blood on his face.

its not the gore or the blood, its the rebellios attitide i want to see.

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Unauthorized redistribution of any TV show is forbidden by copyright laws, so if you want to download it from someone, you’ll have to talk to the folks at CBS. In the meanwhile, we do not assist in the breaking of US laws here, espescially not copyright laws.