How can one safely get stoned?

I’ve always been a pretty clean guy. Never smoked, never gotten drunk, never did drugs.

But I’d really like to try getting stoned. I’m getting some marijuana laced brownies soon from Colorado and am eager to try. I’d try cigarettes but since I’ve never smoked I dont think I could do it that way.

Just to let you know, I plan on doing this safely and privately. My kids will be at their grandparents. I wont have to work for 2-3 days and I wont be needing to drive. My wife will be there although not taking part. We plan on quickly disposing any excess brownies we dont use. Since they are being bought from a legal pot dealer I can assume they wont be laced with any nasty chemicals. We want to do this around 5 pm and generally just sleep it off.

So here are some questions:

  1. How long does it take to get high?
  2. Does it build up slowly or hit you all at once?
  3. How long does the effect last?
  4. How long will it be before I can safely drive?
  5. How long before being able to go back to work?
  6. Is the high affected by food or a persons hydration level?
  7. I sincerely doubt I’d get drug tested at work but if I did, how long after using it will it still be detectable in a drug test?

I can’t answer the rest of the questions, but for the last one indications of marijuana use are detectable for about 3 weeks after last use on the typical drug tests used, for the average person.

Unlike alcohol or a number of other drugs, THC breakdown products aren’t eliminated immediately from the body but hang out in the body fat for awhile, making them detectable for longer periods. That can vary a bit, depending on bodyfat content and metabolism.

Assuming this is legal where you are, if you’ve never smoked pot, but want to try it, I’d advise against eating it as a first try. They say that eating it is a great way to get way more stoned than you may have intended.
You’d be better off just puffing a few tokes and seeing what you think.
Plan on it lasting about 2 or 3 hours. Have some Pink Floyd music on hand. Weed is detectable for up to a month, if you partake regularly. As this will be your first time, I wouldn’t worry about a test a week later.

Have some pizza near by.

You have more control when you smoke it. As a non user, you should be careful with how much you eat. It’s easy to eat too much because it takes awhile to start feeling the effects.

Pot can make a person feel paranoid, so it’s good to be in a place you feel safe.

I Hope you enjoy your experience.

YMMV, but from what I’ve been told, most people don’t “get high” the first time that they try it. Not sure why.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has written about her experiences doing what you want to do.
Her advice: be careful.

As she explains it:
Today’s pot is not the kind that your parents mellowed out with in the 60’s

Smoking affects you 10-15 minutes later.You can take a few puffs, and wait 10 minutes, and see if you want more. If it gets unpleasant, you can stop.
Eating affects you a couple hours later–and you’ve already swallowed it(and you don’t even know how much). So it’s too late to “wait and see”, and then stop.

Her articles appeared in the NY Times (paywall?), but it looks like you can find her links here:

This was my experience as well, back in my college years. I think it took me at least three tries before I felt the effects. I, too, would not go the brownie route. I would just take one hit, wait a bit, and perhaps take another. The last time I got high was maybe a year or two ago, and today’s pot can be so potent, that it took me one hit and I was completely baked.

How about my other questions about how long before I’m safe to drive or work?

The thing about pot edibles is you have to be careful about it for a couple of reasons. When you take it orally it can take a while to kick in, and so sometimes people get impatient when they don’t quickly feel the effects, so they take a lot more and they experience a trip that will make it difficult to function or not enjoyable.

So don’t be impatient take a small amount and wait and see what happens.

Its kind of weird when you eat it too, I mean for me anyway it doesn’t feel quite the same as smoking it, its more of a body high than my mind but it was still enjoyable.

You should be fine the next day, although you may feel slightly hung over (some don’t even have that problem). With a couple of days to recover, there should be no problem.

Do not drive while you’re actually stoned. This Louis CK story scares the crap out of me, that’s a fatal accident impatiently waiting to happen right there. Personally, I wouldn’t even want to walk around outside, it can get too weird. YMMV on that.

Nerf rocks maybe?
Seriously though, Do not eat it you’re first time.

I have helped many friends in the OP’s shoes. IME, having a trusted, seasoned, experienced guide makes all the difference.

Know any stoners? If not, willing to pay my expenses from western PA?

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