how can you lose money on a winning hand at poker

As they say: A lot of poker amounts to shoving the same money back and forth across the table. When a few percent of that disappears each time, it can be hard to come out ahead.

Is it normal to tip on a chopped pot?

If the amount being split is great enough, then I’ve seen all winning parties throw a chip the way of the dealer. Not sure if I would on a chopped pot of $10. Probably depends on how I’d been doing.

I often but not always do. Then again, the pots involved are usually larger than $10.

As others have noted, it does appear the OP suffers under the misapprehension that having the best hand entitles one to at least break even.

Unless this particular poker website is unusual, that’s certainly not something they guarantee and most likely their own terms of service probably state something similar.

If some arcane and unusual rules were involved, I’d be more sympathetic, but I don’t see many people being sympathetic to somebody who plays poker without knowing how poker works.

if a mod can delete this thread please…a was asking for adive where a could go to do some thing about this unjust rule…not asking for a slagging for posting this…ffs…if you go in to the bookies and put a pound on a house at 1/10…and its a dead heat and the bookie gives you 90p back would that be ok…

I’m interested to know what you feel an acceptable resolution would have been. it sounds like you and your opponent both put £3.33 in the pot for a total of £6.66. How should this have been fairly divided between you, your opponent and the house?

there was other players big and small blinds that droped out the pot was 6.94…both players get there money back…6.66 they get…the rest…just like the tital say how can you win a hand and still lose…a don’t play much cash when a seen this happen was shocked that in the day and age am getting robbed with out a gun been stuck to ma head…

I hope you do understand that sometimes even parimutuel betting does actually result in a winning ticket being a money loser.

There are sometimes laws or rules in place so that any such losses are borne by the house (necessitating insurance or other methods of avoiding loss), but it can happen.

In poker, such losses are expected to be borne by the player instead. This is a customary part of the game. Changing that rule is unlikely for just one venue.

thx for a better posting…will never play an other cash game online again…the amount of the same hands you get in cash games is unreal but designed to get both player to put all there cash in so they get bigger rake…

Sorry to have given you a slagging. You originally left out the part about there being other players, blinds, etc. I agree that in most cases in a game that starts with several players and ends in a two-way tie for best hand you’d expect both winners to come out (at least a little) ahead.

It sounds like you found a particularly expensive online casino. As you’ve probably gathered, about 90% of us on this message board are Americans. And since online gambling is illegal in our country, we don’t know of any better gambling sites to direct you to. Sorry to not be more helpful. We here in the Land of the Free can only wish we had your kind of freedoms.

No, it would not be OK, it would be fantatsic. What I’d expect to get back is 55p, as due to dead heat rules my bet would pay out as a 50p bet.

Learn how poker works, learn how betting works, but most importantly learn how the fucking English language works.

The kid says he’s from Europe – English might not be his first language.

It seems clear he’s in the UK. The use of pounds in both his currency references, plus defaulting to fractional odds when setting up his horse racing bet scenario. In any case his mistakes don’t seem like “genuinely trying to use a 2nd language” mistakes, they’re more “i dunt giv a fuk” type “mistakes”.

Dude, there was hardly anything else in the pot. This is the way poker works.

I’ve probably split fifty pots where I made nothing or even lost a buck. If nobody who DOESN’T split the pot puts any significant amount of money in, you may be down a little. Hell, I once saw a four-way split (straight on the board.) We all lost a buck.

The rake is just the way poker works, and a good way to look at it in general is that you ALWAYS pay rake; it’s a constant tax on the table, whether you win a hand, lose a hand, or split the pot. You might not even be involved in the hand, but the rake affects you because it’s removing money from the table that you otherwise could have won.

The rake does not seem unusually high to me, either. It’s usually 5% up to a max, and it looks like it maxed out at about five pounds.

I play on SKY poker myself, but im a tournament player rather than cash. The thing about SKY that occasionally chaps my ass is that they charge rake on rebuys as well as on the original buy-in for rebuy tourneys. Doesn’t chap my ass enough for me to take my business elsewhere however.

So, you’re gonna be the Rosa Parks of online poker?

Poker is poker. It’s the same 52 cards whether it’s online or live.

And, again, rake is CAPPED. Going all in is not going to increase te rake they take in beyond, say, committing a quarter of your stack, because the rake only goes so high. You don’t say what the game you were playing was, by Sky Poker very clearly explains their rake structure right on their website, and every level has a limit to rake.

Honestly, it looks to me like Sky Poker has a relatively high rake. But why didn’t you know that? If you don’t understand rake, dude, you should not be playing poker for money.