how can you lose money on a winning hand at poker

hi…don’t no if this is in right section soz if it not mods…was playing cash poker on skypoker today…a started with £3.33…a went all in frist hand and we both had the same hand so we split the pot…a got £3.21 back losing 12p and the other guy got £3.21 back skypoker got 51p rakeback thay call it…is this illgal??

No. You play by their rules.

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Online gambling is illegal in some areas. Since you aren’t posting dollar amounts I have no idea if gambling is legal in your area or not. Please note that we have a rule here against posts that encourage or enable illegal activities.

That said, as long as we stick to the basic rules of the game, I don’t see a problem with your post.

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You agreed to split the pot. If your friend wasn’t able to match your all in then you should have taken back your overage so your bets matched.

It’s common for casinos, both brick-and-mortar and online, to take some money out of the pot according to a pre-defined schedule; this is called a rake. It goes to the house, as a fee for the services of the house in providing the facilities for the game - in poker games where people play each other, this is the only source of revenue for the house, unlike in games such as blackjack where the player actually plays against the house. In situations where the pot is split among those players who contributed to it, this can lead to losses for these players. Is it illegal? No, because there’s a clause in your contract with the casino that governs the rake.

It’s not common, but it’s not uncommon.

It’s common for poker rooms to take a rake (a small portion of the pot), which is where they make their money from the game. If you and one other player are the only ones contributing, it’s certainly possible for both of you to end up losing money after the rake if you split the pot. Other than rakes, there are also seat charges (players pay a fixed amount at regular intervals to play) and a couple other ways for the house to make expenses.

I’ve had it happen a few times, rarely for any significant amount, as the rake is not often a significant portion of the pot if two players are going all-in.

I have lost $1 on a $10 chopped pot (and then a bit more because I usually tip), which I suppose is 10%, but them’s the breaks sometimes. The house has to pay the dealers and keep the lights on, after all.

I think the terminology is wrong, but what they are doing is standard practice.

In a casino, or in online games (where it is legal), the place hosting the game (casino, web site, etc) takes a percentage of each hand. This is called the “rake” and is usually somewhere between 2 and 5 percent. What you are describing sounds like a perfectly normal rake.

“Rakeback” is when the place hosting the game takes some of the rake and gives it back to certain players to encourage them to continue gambling. It is given, not taken.

So you’ve got a rake in your situation, not a rakeback.

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By the way, it’s a very good idea to familiarise yourself with the rakes before you actually enter the game or sign up for an online casino. The higher the rakes, the more difficult it will be for you to break even in the long run - after all, at the end of the day it’s the players (and all of them) who pay for them. If you don’t understand a casino’s rake system, then it’s not advisable to join the game in the first place.

They make a lot more than expenses, and playing casino poker is a good way to go broke, even if in the longer run. That 5% adds up.

Online rakes are absurd and, IMVHO, you have to be an idiot to pay to play in a game whose parameters are beyond your control.

That wasn’t the problem - the problem was the “rake”, or the amount the casino takes out from each pot. How do you think poker rooms in Las Vegas, for example, make money from a game where nobody is playing “against the house”?

I see that now
I did not pick up that this was a casino game.

soz guys a no about rakeback and that stuff just think its moraly wrong for the whole idear to gamble is to win…so you win but loss surley is cant be right a no am talking peanuts hear…but would like to take this futher ie report it to ??..eropean human rights court??..

You played by their rules - which you should have read before putting your money on the table - and you won, and they took their cut. You ended up with less money? Welcome to the game called “life.” It has very difficult rules, among them is the absence of one saying “everything must be fair.”

I don’t intend to personally offend you, but there’s not much point in concluding a contract with a company which you’re perfectly free not to do business with if you don’t want to, and then complain about the terms of the deal which you accepted.

Why do you keep saying you won? You did NOT win. You played a hand to a tie with the other player. And you two spent 50 cents total renting the table from the online casino.

You’d collectively have paid them 50 cents whether he won or you won. If you don’t like paying 50 cents to rent a table, then go play somewhere else. Hint: You’ll have a hard time finding anyone who runs a game for free.

ok point taken going to shut account with them…but just because there rules are there don’t mean there right… rules can be changed but they will only be changed if some one challeges them…by all mean take there cut but for both players to loss is totally unfair…surley the players should get there money back…

My question: Did you actually read the rules of the online casino when you signed up, and more specifically?

If yes: Why are you complaining? You read the rules and agreed to abide by them. If you had disagreed with them, then you shouldn’t have opened the account.

If not: Don’t you think that fault is more on your part than on anybody else’s?

Except in this case, their rules are right. It appears that you want to come out ahead in any situation where your hand is a “winning” hand, but even when you win you pay the house. Feel free to search for another online casino that meets your criteria, but be prepared for them to take their cut in other ways. TANSTAAFL.

Yeah, a friend of mine went to a bachelor party where they ended up going to a casino and played poker for the majority of the night. At the end of the evening, even the person who had won the most realized that he was leaving with less money than he went in with. The rake adds up.

They then realized it would’ve been smarter to have the game at someone’s house where a third party wasn’t receiving any of the cut.

ETA to ask: So, you think it’s wrong that they are receiving your money for the service? Should they be providing on-line poker for free?

From this, it almost sounds like you think that because both of you had a “winning hand,” you both should have received the full pot (£6.66) minus the rake. If that’s the case, you need to learn more about poker before you worry about the policies of specific online casinos.