How close is your SDMB personality to your IRL personality?

Pretty close. I don’t talk a lot in real life and I don’t post a lot here.

Though I do tend to think more about what I’m going to say here, so it can come off as more formal.

I’m more likely to actually say something online. Not just TMI, or things that would get me punched IRL, but anything. I’m very shy, IRL, and often communicate via grunts and hand gestures.

I’m also openly bisexual online (not quite so vocally so as I was when I first decided it was OK to come out to my online acquaintances, but open), whereas I’m not at all comfortable coming out to anyone I know IRL.

Other than that, if you know me online you won’t be too surprised by meeting me IRL. (Although, obviously, it won’t go the other way.) I have no IRL interests I don’t discuss online, and only a couple get disproportionately represented, because I don’t get much chance to discuss them IRL.

I am exactly the same in real life as I appear on the Dope.

Just today I was on line at the Subway and a totally strange woman (in more ways than one) suddenly turned to me and said “You look awfully familiar”.

Thinking quickly, I responded “No, I’m not.”

And there you have it. Women love me, fish fear me. Or is it the other way around?
It’s been a looong week. Must go sleep.

I don’t post enough here to make much of an impression wrt my personality. I can tell you that Sam Stone is true to life, though.

Depends on the topic. Although I pretty forthcoming in real life, diplomacy and tact forbid me from discussing topics such as politics or religion with most acquaintances. I occasionally participate in some of the more controversial debates and discussions here, but I rarely if ever discuss my beliefs in real life, and have zero interest in debating religion or politics over dinner with anyone except those that I share breathing space with. I like to socialize and learn; not argue.

IRL I tend to express myself best by emoting, and I haven’t yet figured out how to emote with puncuation and font. IRL I can laugh or smile at a wisecrack or amusing story; here I am stuck expressing appreciation with the inadequate smiley or LOL. IRL I’m a hard ass at work (by necessity), but socially I’m very affectionate- and that doesn’t translate through the written word at all.

IRL and here I am unself-conscious and ease with strangers. In real life and here I appreciate personal narratives, disclosures, instruction- illumination in general. In real life and here I feel automatically loyal to anyone I perceive as kind, regardless of differing beliefs or habits.

I’m pretty much the same IRL as I am here. People tell me I’m funny, but I’m way out of my league here where wit and sarcasm abound.

I’m wondering if anyone that had a “persona” here would openly admit it… That would seem counterproductive to having the image.

It’s too hard to keep my RL straight, let alone having an online personality too.

IRL I also talk in disjoined sentences. :wink:

I yak much, much more IRL.

Im a lot taller IRL also I dont have a Scottish accent and speak with a lot less commas.

I am more tactful on the Dope than IRL. I tend to engage mouth before brain IRL and have filtering problems. Lately, I’ve learned to just shut up, so I’m getting better!

Hmm, I was expecting a “bunch of fun” type guy from your persona here actually, and that’s pretty apt. You’re maybe a bit nicer somehow in real life, still the smarmy smart-assed little brother personality but a tiny bit sweeter and shyer than I was anticipating.

I think I’m shyer on here than I am IRL, I talk a zillion times more off-board because in real time there aren’t a kajillion people saying far wittier things than I can before I get the chance to reply. Not that I think I’m ever the wittiest person in the room either way, but at least in real time, I get points for being quick.

Me too I think.

I’ve met a few Dopers IRL, and none of them seemed too surprised by meeting me in person, like I was someone different than I am here.

I am FAR better looking in person though, I have to say that.

I’m more likely to tell somebody to “go fuck yourself” or “that’s the stupidest damned thing I’ve heard since the last time you posted” on the Dope than I am in the Waking, and I’m a lot more openly atheist on SDMB. I’m far more diplomatic in real life. Otherwise, largely the same.

I suspect my boards persona is generally more pleasant and warm than how many people perceive me in real life.

I know I have been told multiple times by people who became good friends IRL that they found me unfriendly and even intimidating when they first met me.

I am aware I am doing it too but at my age it is difficult to change what is a fairly hard-wired personality trait (a degree of misanthropy). I conciously work pretty hard to overcome it on the boards.

As someone who brought this up, I think my personality, in terms of the way I relate to people, is fairly well represented.

But my interests and character traits are extremely skewed, as are my personal attributes (if you get me).

I’m about the same, but with more swearing.

Here I can be a little more [sup]ok a lot more[/sup] loose with my tongue. IRL I am much more shy. You wouldn’t know it by my posts, but I am. I’m quite a private person, I like my hobbit holes, tree houses, medieval long bows but I don’t share them with very many people except good friends and you guys. :slight_smile: But people on the outside still see me as a treehugg’in dirt worshipper and voracious environmentalist.

As an old codger I’m much the same on here as IRL.

To long in the tooth for airs and graces although I am extremely charming,erudite, articulate and very, very modest :slight_smile:


Aside from my penchant at work for leaping onto a desk and screaming obscenities at the idiots who call themselves upper management, I am exactly the same here or there.

I’m actually just one guy, and I’m not even a scientist.

Seriously, though, I’m pretty shy both here and IRL.

You mean like …easy going, placid, tolerant of the foibles and vagaries of minions like us :smiley: