What posters have the opposite personalities in real life?

In a pit thread it was mentioned that an obnoxious banned poster was IRL very quiet and polite, which reminded me of how often people’s online personalities differ from their “real” personalities.

What posters have you met in real life that turned out to be a very different type of person than you expected? I haven’t met any posters IRL, AFAIK.

I think that in my case, I probably used to be more confrontational online, but I’ve tended to be less so lately, so I think my online and “real” personalities are merging.

Is elucidator monosyllabic IRL? Does Reeder hardly ever mention Bush unless he’s at a keyboard?

While I can’t say anything from personal experience, on a related note. I’m in the SCA, we do medieval re-enactment, and there’s one guy who’s a total ass, pompous and loudmouthed and lecherous. But outside the SCA, he’s meek and pretty damn cool to hang out with. What we’ve discovered is that he takes on his persona in the SCA and his total personality warps around it. Really weird to get used to to Jekyll and Hyde he pulls.

I guess it would be something like that online on the boards.

I am a LOT more flirty and chatty online then I would ever be in real life. IRL, unless I trust you and know you pretty well, I’m fairly serious.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but this will serve to bump the thread as well, cause I’d like to know.

I have been told multiple times by multiple people that I look/act like nothing they expected when they actually meet me.

I cannot get anyone to tell me if this is a good or a bad thing, though.

Nope, I’m a pompous old bitch in real life, too.

Me too! And arrogant, let’s not forget arrogance! It is the very substance of my personality, the foundation from whence all else comes.

Well, I am a ton of fun IRL and have all manner of people crusing on my hotness daily.

not really. I am as boing in RL as I am here.

I’m always surprised to see my post count, because IRL I’m actually pretty quiet. Until you get me drunk. So I guess my online personality is just my drunk personality. How eeenteresting.

Well, in my secret life off line I date chicks, have hubcaps with the Playboy™ bunny stencilled on them, I watch sports, and hang out at Hooters.

I think I’m generally a bit more reserved IRL till I get to know people, but I have felt myself being particularly gregarious on occasion. For the record, alcohol has nothing to do with my occasional gregariousness - in fact, it puts me to sleep.

But I really am nice in person. Really. I’m nice, dammit! :smiley:

I am rather gabby and effusive online. In real life I am agoraphobic, and I am extremely uncomfortable meeting new people. Perhaps this is partly because I was teased and mocked about my looks when I was young. If people can’t see what I look like, I am less afraid of them.

I think that’s a major feature of online communication, it has it’s own built in anonymity. Even when talking to people who know us, if they don’t know that it’s us, they can’t recognize us. And thus it gives people freedom to avoid their anxieties and to get past problems.

I’m really pretty quiet.

I’m just as mean in person as I am online.

IRL, I’m a Pentecostal minister, married with six kids.
Actually, IRL people would probably be surprised at how quiet I usually am, how seldom I discuss sexual orientation or atheism (my gaytheism is known but doesn’t come up nearly as much in The Waking), that I have absolutely no southern accent (except for when I want to) and I’m far less argumentative on controversial topics.

Very much the same. Unobtrusive and not one of the popular kids.

I was afraid you were going to post that you’re really a closet liberal. :eek: :smiley:

No…I’m just as awesome in real life as I am in this board. Awesome to the max motherfucka!!

Ya know, I was totally ready to post that I was a 6’5" trucker named Bubba, and I just play a girly-girl on the dope, but then I realized that might not be as funny as I first thought, in a been there, done that sort of way…

Now that would have been funny.