How close is your SDMB personality to your IRL personality?

Based on discussion in this thread, I am wondering…how much do personalities “change” with the anonymity of a message board? Is there anyone out there who thinks they act differently (in big ways or small) on the SDMB, vs. IRL? What ways? If we met you at a party, would you be as we expect from knowing you here?

I think that in my manner, I’m pretty much the same here on the SDMB as I am in real life. The major significant difference in the way I present myself is that IRL I curse way, way more than I do here. It’s a habit I’m trying to break, and not being successful at.

I also discuss controversial subjects here, which I do not tend to do IRL, but if I was to do so with my friends, I think my approach would be much the same.

Pretty damned close.
Tho I might say more here more readily than I might if I didn’t know you well, I pretty much post like I think and talk.

I think I’m pretty much the same. But, ya know, it’s kind of hard to judge myself. I guess I’d have to ask a Doper who had met me IRL.

Very, very close. Several people who know me online have expressed surprise upon meeting me in person and finding out that I’m pretty much the same; they expect me to be much more timid in real life. I even speak kinda like this.

(emphasis mine)
That about sums me up, as well.

I am the same person here and IRL. Right down to the words I choose and my speech pattern. I see no reason to make up an internet “persona”.

If I were to make up an internet persona I’d probably pick a short, blonde, over caffeinated, gamer girl geek. Which is convenient, since I already am one I could probably pull it off really well :smiley:

I think I’m pretty close, but there is an aspect of my online personality that annoys me – when I write on the SDMB or online in general, I qualify my comments all the darn time. This is some sort of zany effort to not come on too strong or off-putting, to temper the things I say with a lot of "on the other hand, " “some people believe,” “you may or may not want to consider” … it drives me crazy when I read my own posts sometimes. In real life, one of my strengths is that I’m pretty good at picking up on the reactions of the people I speak with, and incorporating that into how I approach the topic of the conversation. On the internet, I feel a little blind in this regard and overcompensate. I think it makes me sound prissy and wishy-washy.

I’d echo both of those statements about myself. Pertaining to the first, I work a blue collar job and that sort of enviroment is conducive to profanity, plus I don’t believe that words are intrinsically vulgar, so I say what I want to say. I also don’t enter into many controversial debates IRL, mainly because the opportunity to do so rarely presents itself.

To add to these, I’d have to say that, compared to how I (normally) speak, my language here is much more pretentious. I use bigger words, make all attempts to abide by the ‘rules’ of grammar and generally pay much more attention to sentence structure here than I do elsewhere. (I just want to add that I don’t do this to try to come across as being better informed or more intelligent than I really am-I’m an aspiring writer, and one of the main reasons I joined this board was so that I could attempt to convey my thoughts, accurately and correctly, in a timely fashion. As to the big words, I try to use them only when they are the most accurate option-I am not a fan of people trying to impress with their vocabulary, but there is something satisfying about being able to express precisely what you mean, and a large vocabulary lends itself to that end.)

I’m sort of OCD when it comes to words-it drives me mad when people use a word without regard to its nuances/connotations. I’m sure around here my utile vocab is pretty average, but IRL-Boy oh boy…

I’m funnier in person. Better looking, too. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m also more married IRL. :o

I’m pretty much the same, I think, except probably much more assertive IRL. I’ve seen enough trainwrecks on this board to know to tread very lightly unless it’s very, very important that I say something that may be controversial. There’s always that handful of Dopers just sitting there waiting for someone to say something the slightest bit twisted so they can skin them alive in unison. I’m much more outspoken IRL.

Also I’m much funnier IRL. I slay 'em, I tell you.

For some reason I think I seem way more uptight on here than I am in real life.

I talk about TMI a lot more here but aside from that I’m probably about the same.

In real life I’m a dog.

A bit shyer ( in large groups, mostly - much less so when just a few people are involved ) and somewhat snarkier. Otherwise pretty similar.

Not that I’m very articulate here, but I’m less so in real life. IRL, I stammer and stutter, repeat words multiple times, and just plain don’t make sense sometimes.

What Delphica said. I’m pretty outspoken IRL, where I can gauge people’s reactions, but I can’t do that on a board, so I tread carefully.

If I get pissed off at someone here, I’m more likely to awfuckit and let it go. 90% of the time it turns out I misinterpreted them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly I’m pretty much the same person. One difference is I am way more chatty IRL than I am here. And very funny.

I try to be honest in all my posts, but I guess I’m different in the sense that sometimes I post things as if they are The Absolute Only Way Things Are and the truth is, I’m much more wishy-washy IRL.

For example, earlier today I made a post about being terrified of children, that would make you think I’m some kind of child-hating freak… then I unexpectedly met up with my cousins, 3 and 8, and had a blast, an experience which totally defied the message of my post. I guess my real life just varies more than my posts. I tend to use extreme language because in that moment I think I really do believe what I’m saying is the Absolute Truth About Me.

Then later I want to go back and say, ‘‘Well, that’s only half the story…’’

I seem more levelheaded on here than IRL, simply because I have to stop and think as I type, and then check for errors/spelling, which also gives me time to reword anything that might come off wrong, or to simply delete instead of submit. I guess I’m a bit more prone to joining in on conversations here, as well. I quickly become overwhelmed in a RL conversation consisting of a group of people, so I get shy, or I get quiet and end up being drowned out. So I like the fact that even if no one cares about what I have to say on here, at least I get the chance to say it!

I’m a bunch of fun. That means I’m nothing like what I am like on here.
I’m sure Queen Tonya or Most Creative User Name Ever can come in and give a slightly better picture.

Pretty much the same. IRL, I’m much more a listener than a talker – and actually, despite my post count, I’m not sure I’m a big talker here. A lot of my posts are just a sentence or two, I rarely write screeds.