how come my Charter Member status vanishes each year

When I renew, do I have to ask for my holy Charter Member title to be reinstated? Or is there another way? In anycase, gimme it back. : ) Pretty please.

It’s nothing personal, just a problem with the board upgrade. If you’re patient, read This Thread and all will be revealed. It’s taking longer than we thought. :slight_smile:

As near as I can tell you may have been a Charter Member in the past but you are not one now – your subscription expiration date is in August and a true Charter Member subscription expires in May. There may be a very few exceptions to this rule – I can think of one off the top of my head but not a whole lot more than that – so I would tend to think you are not now a Charter Member.

If you were part of the original Charter Member offer and you let it expire you lost Charter Member designation as of that time. Once expired it cannot be renewed.

I should also mention that there is a problem with the user titles.

Some are styled Charter Members when they are not – their Charter Memberships expired and they did not resubscribe. If/when these people resubscribe they will eventually be styled Members; if they did not resubscribe they will be styled Guests.

Some are styled Members when they are actually Charter Members – in the board upgrade this got messed up somehow. When this is straightened out their Charter Member titles will return.

There may be some Guests in the system who are actually Members – again, this will be corrected at some point and they will be styled accurately with Member status.

Jerry will get to this when he can but there are many other items on the punch list ahead of this including board functionality issues. We do apologize for your inconvenience and ask for your patience during this trying time.