How come no one has welcomed me?

That really hurts you guys. My dream of me coming to SDMB and all SD’s welcoming me to the board has now been shattered. Thanks a lot guys. :):):):):):):):slight_smile:


I am sure Cheif Scott will give you a word or two now that you have used Smilies in you OP.
He just loves them smiles.



Welcome to the board.

We’ll need some vital statistics, please tell us:
Marital status
Straight or gay
Thank you for your cooperation.

Where’s Chieffie when you need him?

Welcome Chris, now how’s about that A/S/L now? LoL



I’m 25

Welcome aboard!

Howdy and Welcome to the board.

I’m 25
bi-sexual **

Rock on! welcome to the board Chris, Err, Master…If you need anything, or want the “Dime-tour”, let GaWd know and I’ll do my best to see that you’re satisfied. :smiley:


Welcome! See, all you had to do was ask.

As a new poster myself, and a longtime lurker, welcome.
Wow! does that make me one of the Teeming Millions?


Where in the states are you?

Where can I see pictures? If there are none, there’s more we need to know about you:

hair color/length
eye color
anything special about your face

Any . . . um . . . other pertinent details.

Do you know the meanings of the words felch and squick?

Patrick, I have to laugh at you for that one. Is there no one you won’t try to flirt with? lol.

hey chris, welcome to the boards.

Well Helloooooooo nurse! As always it’s up to me to fill you in. Before you can post regularly, you must email me 10 nude pix of yourself. If you have nude pix of yourself with a nude bisexual GF of yours, send those too. You also need to contact Coldfire, he will verify your records, so he will need to know your bank account # and location, along with any other personal information regarding your funds.

ssskuggiii said:

“Patrick, I have to laugh at you for that one. Is there no one you won’t try to flirt with? lol.”

Well, seeing as how you’re off writing porn to send various SDMBers . . . it’s a bit hard to flirt with you anyway . . .

Bratman, she never said anything about being a nurse . . .

And why was I never requested to send nude pix to anyone?

Chris, don’t believe a word these guys say. I’m the one you’re supposed to send the pix to!

Gee, if those aren’t the perfect answers to get responses, I don’t know what are…

…bu then, Chris, shouldn’t your sig line suggest calling you Mistress, not Master?