How common is it to get a vasectomy in your early 20s?

Vasectomy reversals are available to prison inmates? Or that you get requests for vasectomies from young inmates?

Or is that a cut below?

A snip in time saves 9 (months?).

It was ~25 years ago. He was a general surgeon, but did vasectomies every Friday. The idea was the patient missed one day of work and had the weekend to recover.

@CairoCarol I’m glad someone spoke up because I support anyone’s reproductive choices for any reason, but it kind of made it sound like those of us who choose to have children are doomed to make our parents’ mistakes, and we’re not. My child has a lot of protective factors that I didn’t, including two parents who are extremely proactive about mental health. As a mother I have a lot of things my Mom didn’t : self - insight, accountability, the awareness to seek out help when I need it. Plus I married a child psychologist. My situation couldn’t be more different than my parents’. For one thing, I’ve been in a stable, loving relationship for 18 years and my Mom was married five times to mostly awful, awful men. I might have been afraid of turning into my mother in my early 20s but I’m 37 now and I think if I ever were going to turn into her, it would have happened by now.

I spent 17 years in the private sector before going to Corrections Medicine. I haven’t done vasectomies since making the switch. And reversing a vasectomy is definitely beyond my range; that’s microsurgical repair. It’s not a covered benefit for inmates, either.

Friday was vasectomy day in my primary care group too.


[quote=“Qadgop_the_Mercotan, post:65, topic:922502, full:true”] It’s not a covered benefit for inmates, either.
Glad to hear it.

My sister worked with a grandson of Einstein. Apparently, Einstein was a lousy parent according to the grandson’s dad. Oh, and the grandson had the same hair type as Einstein.

That Einstein was a terrible father is pretty common knowledge.

Did the grandson use the name Einstein?

Friday was always pizza day at my office. You medical folks sure eat weird stuff. :wink:

Don’t even get me started about umbilical cord trimmings in newborn nurseries…new staff soon learned to not store their sandwiches in the nursery formula fridge…strange additions happened over the night shift. Day staff eventually learned to check sandwich first, take a big bite second.

IME, that sort of prank would get one fired AND reported to the licensing board AND result in criminal prosecution these days. And rightly so.

Different, different times. And a fair bit of literary license.

Nowadays we all know better and do accordingly.

Good. I saw enough abusive stuff, back in the late 70’s and beyond. But it (mostly) didn’t get worse than seeing a student or resident get forced to wear an umbilical cord pinned to their scrubs for a length of time for failing to know/do something properly.

(Telling a student to order a serum porcelain level or enter a dx of ‘toxic sock syndrome’ into the chart is permissible, IMHO)

I know the OP has been banned for running around in sock feet… but I had a similar chat with my daughter last week. She’s 23 and a half and does not want to ever have children. This is a decision I endorse: with her mental health issues, and the fact that our extended family has one neurological issue after another, these genes do not need to be perpetuated.

So she’s interested in having her tubes tied. I told her to be prepared to get a LOT of pushback from the doctors she consults, when the time comes.


I wish we had gotten around to doing a vasectomy years ago. Due to different medical risks, we are currently back to condoms, and hope to schedule a vasectomy for my husband soon. However, this might be a bit more complicated.

Fortunately most of these specialists have their own clinics, so they are separated from the patients who are known to be infected. First my husband has to get a referral, and then we’ll see how long this will take. I don’t think the family practice does it.

My little family practice clinic did mine.

With only one little mistake…

(Gave me one quarter of the anæsthesia they were supposed to. The surgeon remarked “I don’t understand why you’re in excruciating pain…oh, well…” And through gritted teeth I wheezed “That’s… ohhhkay. Right now there are… businessmen in Bangkok… paying to feel this way…”)

Yikes! We’re pretty much decided on being one and done, so my logic is that, between pregnancy and childbirth, I’ve suffered a lot already for our reproductive choices; it’s only fair he takes one for the team. My understanding is that it’s not usually that painful, though! Our current plan is to wait a couple years and then revisit.

Personally I think it’s great when people know where they stand on having any kids (or more kids) and take responsibility accordingly. It’s entirely possible someone may regret getting sterilized at a young age, but regret is a part of life that most people manage to muddle through.

The challenge is getting a doctor on board. I’ve been trying to get doctors to consider a hysterectomy since I was a young woman, and they basically won’t consider it as long as I’m of childbearing age.

OTOH if I had gotten a hysterectomy, I wouldn’t have my son. I was dead certain from a young age that I wanted to adopt. I would have never guessed that I would later choose to conceive a child. It’s really hard to know in your early 20s where you’re going to be in your 30s. Age 23 feels like another lifetime ago.

It’s possible I missed something - but no one is going to perform a hysterectomy for birth control purposes ( tubal ligations are done for birth control) And if you had a medical reason to have a hysterectomy in your 20s, I would think you still had it now.